Friday, June 19, 2009


Is the title of my new finished project.. Remember the BABY word book? Well I told you I made it being inspired by a ready bought word book that spelled LOVE, which I couldn't use in fear of not being able to get another one, guess what? I still haven't used it lol But I used it as a template to try another material for the body of the book, I found in Zamil where the scrapbooking section is some heavy weight cardboard, I think they are what you find in a pack of papers giving it weight.. ( Hope you are able to get what I mean :P ) So I got me a few of those and tried cutting them ( They cut nicely ) and here what I got..
The one bellow is the one I cut it

And then I decorated it to be a picture album, just waiting for it's owner to add the pictures

You can check out the inside of the album on my new blog/shop where I will be putting anything I make that is for sale .. It's still empty now but every now and then I will be adding new stuff so make sure you visit it again :)

By the way, did you notice a difference in the quality of the pictures in my last two posts? I finally got my camera charged and ready again, now it's always in my bag..


Anonymous said...

مبروك على الكاميرا الجديدة أولاً وثانياً مبروك على افتتاح الشوب تبعك وثالثاً:دا احلى من الي سويته قبل

Redrose said...

hmmm... great!! congrats on the
e-shop, good idea, put some more stuff and write also in arabic,I will tell my friends about it!!