Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My lovely kid

I don't know what happened from the day of her graduation, but my baby girl is her usual self again, she is less cranky, less nagging and more relaxed mashallah.. Honestly I don't care what's have been done or said to make her like that again, I am just happy to have her back , even if for a short time, we are enjoying each other again with a less stressed days now that her summer vacation has started.

Isn't my sleeping angel so adorable mashallah ? ( I'm her mom what did you think I would say? :P )

So yesterday mom got her a mini kiddy swimming pool to play in, it turned out to be so mini we need a bigger one lol , but she was enjoying it so much believing that she is really swimming, I so need to take her to swimming lessons, I don't want my kid to grow up unable to swim..

She is becoming more and more talented mashallah in her drawing, she gets very creative with her colors , today she wanted to prove she can draw as well as those she saw in her new magazine...

So she came up with these...

I'm so proud of her mashallah.. And happy that she is happy again.. May Allah keep her always happy and relaxed.

As for me, I am starting a new crafting project, but more on that next time inshallah.

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