Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cross stitching

Something crafty in the midst of the internal chaos I'm having..

It's not yet decided if it's going to be a card, a framed picture , a part of a scrapbook page or something that I'm going to stuff in one of my drawers..!

The pink background is just that, something pink as a background..

I just felt like cross stitching , so I did.

I think I'm not the most cheerful person today so I'll just go, have a nice day.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I love baby elephant a lot.. Don't ask why but I found them irresistible..

I think baby giraffes are cute too, who can resist that silly look on it's face?

Baby bears are cuddly and adorable..

I love kittens very much, and always wish they never grow up..

Cute baby seals..

Puppies are just lovable ..

Of course human babies are the loveliest of them all... Mashallah doesn't he look soo cute?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Crafting with kids

Couldn't get much easier with this very nice site


I just printed their very good paper dolls with clothes , hair and accessories, my kid colored and cut them, then glued everything together.

I just added a pop stickle stick for her to play with her paper friend..

It's really good for kids to learn cutting and gluing, I helped a bit of course but it got her occupied for at least an hour. Good for vacations when they really get bored and get on your nerves..!

Have a nice crafting.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Dearest mom

Happy birthday..

May you have the loveliest year, and may all your wishes and dreams come true..
I love you .. We both do

Daughter and granddaughter

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It was a magical night

I had the greatest time last night at the gypsy party, we laughed, we danced , we played games and I had the weirdest fortunes ever..!

Everyone was dressed gypsy -like, and I only changed the white top with a red one mom gave ne, it looked better.

The house was gorgeous all in candles and golden accents, it was almost all candle lit, that's why my pictures aren't that good (hey I'm still new to my camera!)

And the goody bag the hostess gave us was lovely with beads, fake tattoos and coin chocolates. The food was yummy and we kept dancing and munching all the time.. (that's what parties are all about hehehe )

I brought my guitar and we had fun drumming on it, umm isn't that what guitars are for??

The whole atmosphere was really magical and the group of friends was all a girl can ask for mashallah.. Thanks N for the lovely evening, hopefully when it is my turn you will have as much a good time as I had at your party.. And that you would attend..! lol kidding.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gypsy party

That's what I'm going to attend tonight inshallah in the house of a very special friend , with a bunch of other special friends , and I'm expecting it to be a very good party judging from what i know of the hostess's creative ideas..

Actually we were talking that day together and we both love themed parties so much, so I can't remember exactly who suggested it first but we agreed we want the group to have a themed party every now and then. And since I just had my new year brunch, she started it with the gypsy party.

I t was fun thinking and researching the costume, but as usual I imagine many good thing but in the end don't like them on me.. But somehow I am liking what I decided on..

If you are attending the party tonight and you are reading this early Wednesday , don't continue..!!

So I will be going as rainbow rosy gypsy, from the land of rosy pink..

Of course I had to put the costume this way (like in magazines) to avoid the fact that I like the whole thing this way but I'm not very sure about it when I put it on.. But who cares I'm going to have a fun time, and inshallah we will.. I'll be taking my guitar with me for some entertaining ,

I just hope no guest will run away from me lol..

More pictures tomorrow inshallah.. Or some time soon. Have a fun weekend.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mom dancing ballet..

As imagined and drawn by my four year old little artist.. ( pen on paper)

I just love it mashallah, even though the eyes look a little spooky all white, but still it's a good one.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The joy of motherhood

Changing for the baby..

Almost done...

Look how cute my baby looks in that outfit...

Now, now don't cry I didn't hurt you While changing for you, did I?...

I'll just take you out for some much needed shopping...

Oh, I just wish being a mom was as easy as a child's play.. Some days I just feel that it's too much to handle.
But still thanks to Allah for little cute mommies (mashallah).

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ways to deal with the cold

First you have to keep your feet toasty warm, this way all your body can stay warm too, and what better way to do that than pink fluffy socks? It matches everything in my room don't you think?

Another way is to go shopping, shop for things that warms your heart, and makes you glow with happiness, such as this beauty I picked for my room (crafts room)

Isn't it lovely mashallah? so to keep your kids warm during a shopping spree just let them sleep in a trolley filled with warm sweaters, blankets, towels and ... rugs??

Well these are just a few suggestions, it's getting colder every year and we have to think of things to keep us warm.. Have a nice wintry day.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rules for crafting

Rule number one is: never start a crafting project while you are in a bad mood.. Well at least this rule applies to me, because every time I try doing that in the hopes that my bad mood would go away (which sometimes does) I end up with a very ruined or a strange looking project.

So that day I was very bored and couldn't do anything, so I thought I would do something nice and simple and not really important to turn my mood around, I started on altering this box where I store all my beads ( I got this box from the month of Ramadhan when people were giving these away filled with food to break the fast just before sun sets in the streets)

Well I managed to pick the papers and unscrew the hinges and stick the papers on the lid, by then I felt better so I left it.. Big mistake.

I started many projects after that, and while I was using my table to do my newest project..

The box, paper and dozen screws were bothering me on the table, so that gets me to;

rule number two : Never attempt to finish a project in a hurry just to clear your table, again it might only apply to me but in this case i really didn't get the finishing I was aiming for..

Not that it's that bad but I think it looks like something my little girl might produce..! I'm thinking of losing the buttons but they really stuck, I made extra sure they would..

Anyway, that was my lesson for the day, have fun crafting.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Be careful what you wish for..

Is the name of the book i've just finished reading, it's a romantic comedy story about a thirty something woman who had a magical thing that made all her wishes come true, and then she just discovers that it's not a good thing..Hmmm ok so I know what she meant, but is it really not a good thing to have your wishes coming true? And I mean small wishes, good wishes not harming anyone or wishing something bad to happen to someone..

Well , I still have a wish list that I want to see it happening.

And speaking of wishes , I've always wished I can take nice pictures like the one my old camera used to produce before it drowned in Jeddah, and I think with this new camera my uncle got me I got my wish.. Here is a sample of what this camera is good at.

I'm just starting to explore it well but it has a great potential..

I just loved the way the zoom worked, and the kind of pictures where the background is blurry.. More to come, I can't seem to have enough of my new camera mashallah.. Thanks uncle for a very precious gift.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A thought

It's nice to have friends..

To share good times and bad..

May Allah bless all friends..

( I love the pink hat with the red dress !)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Office space

Not mine, in case you don't remember I don't work, but my dear mom does, and she always have the best offices in the world mashallah.

See I take after my mother in loving a decorated environment , and since she has always been working (social worker) she always concentrates on her office. And this is her recent one

It's small more like a cubicle with one tiled wall (hey it's a hospital) that she stuck this brick look a like sticky paper over , she put a lot of greenery because she just loves plants , and mashallah plants love her, I think every one does mashallah and I'm not just saying that because she is my mother..

She stuck a rattan patterned paper on the small table and book case, and those lovely flowers from ikea on the walls,

Slipcovered a small chair and the office chair in red fabric and is about to hang a very nice painting on the empty wall.

Do you think you would love to work in a place like that? I think I might, even if it was in a hospital which I hate..! ( no I think I will only visit!)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A new year, a new room

First I want to wish every one a very happy year that's filled with love, friends, success and good food!

So you might remember a picture I had of my dining area.. What, you don't? ok here it is..

That was a before picture of this after..

Yesterday I had some friends over for brunch, and since it happened to be the first day of the year I made a small celebration in the form of an all golden table setting, (I chose everything because I liked the golden color of it )

We had a very good time (I know I did) , but we were missing two ladies, which was sad.. But the year has just begun and we still have time on our hands inshallah.

Have a nice day.