Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A new year, a new room

First I want to wish every one a very happy year that's filled with love, friends, success and good food!

So you might remember a picture I had of my dining area.. What, you don't? ok here it is..

That was a before picture of this after..

Yesterday I had some friends over for brunch, and since it happened to be the first day of the year I made a small celebration in the form of an all golden table setting, (I chose everything because I liked the golden color of it )

We had a very good time (I know I did) , but we were missing two ladies, which was sad.. But the year has just begun and we still have time on our hands inshallah.

Have a nice day.


moonface1211 said...

ماشالله مرة صارت صالتك حلوة وتفتح النفس والزينة كمان حلوة تسلم يدك

realmadrid said...

you've done a reallly good job mashaAllah!!..
and yeah, a good year full of good food!!..

Redrose said...

just beautiful.I'm so glad you got rid of the gloomy atmosphere,the room really now is very festive actually!!