Sunday, January 06, 2008

Office space

Not mine, in case you don't remember I don't work, but my dear mom does, and she always have the best offices in the world mashallah.

See I take after my mother in loving a decorated environment , and since she has always been working (social worker) she always concentrates on her office. And this is her recent one

It's small more like a cubicle with one tiled wall (hey it's a hospital) that she stuck this brick look a like sticky paper over , she put a lot of greenery because she just loves plants , and mashallah plants love her, I think every one does mashallah and I'm not just saying that because she is my mother..

She stuck a rattan patterned paper on the small table and book case, and those lovely flowers from ikea on the walls,

Slipcovered a small chair and the office chair in red fabric and is about to hang a very nice painting on the empty wall.

Do you think you would love to work in a place like that? I think I might, even if it was in a hospital which I hate..! ( no I think I will only visit!)


Anonymous said...

مشالله لمسة امك لكل شي حلوة الله يخليها لك
الطاولة والزرع مرة خلوها تفتح النفس


Redrose said...

Well,that's my cousin, mashallah she can turn a sad situation into a cheerful one any time!!

Oh 'n Looji really ia acting the role!!