Friday, January 18, 2008

Ways to deal with the cold

First you have to keep your feet toasty warm, this way all your body can stay warm too, and what better way to do that than pink fluffy socks? It matches everything in my room don't you think?

Another way is to go shopping, shop for things that warms your heart, and makes you glow with happiness, such as this beauty I picked for my room (crafts room)

Isn't it lovely mashallah? so to keep your kids warm during a shopping spree just let them sleep in a trolley filled with warm sweaters, blankets, towels and ... rugs??

Well these are just a few suggestions, it's getting colder every year and we have to think of things to keep us warm.. Have a nice wintry day.


moonface1211 said...

مبرووووك عليك التلفزيون شكله اكيد بيغير الغرفة

مسكينة لوجي اشبها نايمة ؟؟ تحفة

Redrose said...

lovely TV table hmmmm what did I expect :)