Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rules for crafting

Rule number one is: never start a crafting project while you are in a bad mood.. Well at least this rule applies to me, because every time I try doing that in the hopes that my bad mood would go away (which sometimes does) I end up with a very ruined or a strange looking project.

So that day I was very bored and couldn't do anything, so I thought I would do something nice and simple and not really important to turn my mood around, I started on altering this box where I store all my beads ( I got this box from the month of Ramadhan when people were giving these away filled with food to break the fast just before sun sets in the streets)

Well I managed to pick the papers and unscrew the hinges and stick the papers on the lid, by then I felt better so I left it.. Big mistake.

I started many projects after that, and while I was using my table to do my newest project..

The box, paper and dozen screws were bothering me on the table, so that gets me to;

rule number two : Never attempt to finish a project in a hurry just to clear your table, again it might only apply to me but in this case i really didn't get the finishing I was aiming for..

Not that it's that bad but I think it looks like something my little girl might produce..! I'm thinking of losing the buttons but they really stuck, I made extra sure they would..

Anyway, that was my lesson for the day, have fun crafting.

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moonface1211 said...

اف كتبت واتمسح

المهم حلو الصندوق اشبه تسلم الأيادي فنانة ماشالله
بالنسبة لي اذا اشتغلت وانا مو رايقة ولا معصبة يخرب الشغل واحاول اخلصه اي كلام واعصب زيادة هههه فصرت من يوم ما يقلب المزاج اسيب الي في يدي ولما اروق ارجعله