Thursday, August 30, 2007

What I'll be doing

A lot of work with these for the coming month, I need to start on the Eid gifts again, it seems like yesterday I was working on the Eid gifts from last year.. Scary how time flies.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My last class

Well it's the last one for this summer and I think maybe for ever..! As much as I liked the idea I just don't think that I would enjoy teaching, or can be a good teacher.

Anyway this class was the second of bag making with felts and this is one of the bags we did..

This is their work..

And if you are thinking of sending your kids to me to teach them , just make sure they really want to learn because some kids just don't want to do anything..!

Monday, August 27, 2007

I love hello kitty

Hello kitty waffle from a hello kitty waffle maker .yum..

Hello kitty bread..

Hello kitty mini cakes..

Hello kitty toaster. nice thing to wake up to.

Hello kitty oven..

Hello kitty sandwich maker..

Hello kitty coffee maker..

Hello kitty crock pot..

Hello kitty meal..

I'm hungryyyyy.
to be continued.......

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A kitten and some changes

Remember the three small kittens mom found and raised? well one dies long ago and the other two are now bigger, one is somehow wild and the other is soooo cute, my grandmother named her aneesa.

Well my little girl just love to play with her, always holding her like a baby and singing her lullabies to sleep. And when she holds her she doesn't let go, and every time the kitten runs away from her hands she runs after her shouting ANEEEEESSSSSAAAAAAA and looking for her every where till she catches her. It gets a bit funny when she does that more than once, and ysterday after a few run and catch games aneesa had enough, she just hid under the lazy boy and my girl couldn't find her..

every time the kitten stops hearing my girls voice she would come out slowly and play and the moments she hears her name again she hide under the chair for as long as the girl is looking for her.. Soo funny.

So I am fully enjoying the fact that I have my craft room, I suddenly had enough of the sounds of cartoons playing loud while I'm trying to work or relax, so I transferred the tv and cd player in my princess's room and did some changes in the room, one of which is putting these lovely fabric as non sewed cover for the all white sofas.

they look very dreamy, originally they were duvet covers which I got for sale from BHS. I just love them.

And I love that I am now working while listening to Andrea Bocelli and no other sound with that.. aahhhh sweet.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Which Disney Princess Are You?

You are Jasmine. You are loyal and would visit the ends of the earth for what you believe. You would never let obstacles stand in the way of true love.
Find Your Character @

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A room fit for a princess

Well 7amdillah, finally the room is - 90% - finished..
I still need some fabrics for the curtains and bed skirt, and I'm not done with organizing the toys and painting the table and chair.

First I put the bed at an angle, but didn't like it much because I thought it took a lot of precious space, but here's a picture of it..

Then I rearranged everything and this is how it looks like now..

I painted the names of all the Disney princesses and stuck a picture that I printed on my printers for every princess. I then hand painted a border between the cream of the original walls and the pink we painted , it's all rounded white shapes to look like a pearl necklace.

Well mashallah it took me a lot of work and pain and falls..! but I think I'm happy with the outcome, my girl is happy too, and I think I haven't left much of the Disney's products in the shops without having me one.. But I hope she will live with it for as long as we can manage before she wants to redecorate.. I'm tired.....!!! But this is the closest to a finished room I've ever got with her.

She is enjoying her time with her princesses friends.. ( yes I'm well aware that the rug needs some fixing up, I bought it this way because it was the last one I found and it was only for 33 riyals, so inshallah it will be fixable)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The second room

When we moved to our third home we left our girl's room white (yuck..!) and for every one who knows me I hate white walls..! and that include off white, cream ,light beige, anything that simply doesn't have color. But I thought that I wanted to do something different in her room and I didn't know what yet.

I started by doing this mural of a large window overlooking a lake and a fairy tale castle, you can't tell from the picture but I also had small mother duck swimming with her small ducklings. I was going to add a window box with fake flowers but then I decided to paint the room pink.

The ceiling is very high and I hate ladders, they make me dizzy, that's why I painted only two thirds of the walls pink, the room is also very big mashallah. For a border I used purple with colorful butterflies and a green rik rak framing both sides of the border.

The pink seemed so dark compared to the white, so I stenciled all the walls with small white daisies over the pink.

The room was still unfinished when we moved, I wanted to add a carpet, some cool beddings and furniture, but that's how my rooms are, always unfinished. I can control the painting part because I do it, but the other things.. Well I don't usually find what I like easily.

I discovered that I didn't take much pictures of that room, even though it took much work and time to do it... And then we left it all behind...Again....

Next.. the current room.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The final countdown

To my princess's room revealing. But first a reminder of her two first rooms (yes she isn't 4 yet and she had three rooms..! mashallah we moved a lot)

So her first room was when she was three months old, I finished it around her sixth month and we stayed there till she was a year and a few months. We painted it pink before moving in, but since babies tend to have very colorful toys I thought that it would look better with many colors. So I painted two opposite walls 6 different blocks of color including the pink, it was a tiring job in between her napping time or crawling all over me..! Many times her dad would come back home from work to find paint all over her.

I centered the crib in the largest wall with a huge crown over it a " you are our little princess " saying. and a lot of flowers and grass and butterflies.

The fourth wall is a huge cabinet that is build on the walls to store everything from her clothes to the vacum cleaner. So that room was our favorite in the house, you would find us sitting there alot of the times just talking or playing with the little princess, and she didn't even sleep there yet.

So next post inshallah would be her second room.. I feel the most sat leaving her rooms behind when we move, because I put a lot of thought and love and work in them.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A visit to the museum

We went to the museum today, great place, great paintings and pictures by famous artists.. I loved this picture the most, just look at the colors, and the pose the little girl has in it... Hmmm i think she looks suspiciously a lot like my little girl, hey that is my little girl..! They stole her picture..!!!

Well I like to think we have museums here, although sometimes they are boring to me, a lot of the times they have interesting things. ( there is this site that makes this nice picture for u, and no this is not me on the right, nor the left)

So I'm still working on my princess's room, and the funniest thing happened..(not really funny but keep reading) I was painting something on the wall that needed a ladder for me to reach, and I got tired from going up and down so I decided it's best to stand on my girl's bed to reach a relatively large area without moving much. So I reached the corner when I felt a bit tired and decided to lean on the wall behind me... Wrong move..! the bed has wheels which I forgot about and suddenly in slow motion the bed slided to the next side of the room leaving me...?? on the floor.
Well I hit my head which hurts now, and my arm is red and I think my foot hurts too, and my back is on it's way.. So boys and girls don't do this at home..

Who thought that such an innocent hobby like painting the walls can be so dangerous? I just hope mom and hubby won't think of stopping me from completing the room, until now they are only threatening to do that.. Wish me luck.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A very nice weekend

7amdillah I had a great weekend with lot's of good things to do, first we discovered a new in door theme park in the new area of Al Rashid mall, it was great even I had fun just walking there and looking at the cute decoration.

And for sure my girl had a lot of fun riding more than the usual only three rides, because I was enjoying myself so much..!

Then we went to Bahrain and discovered a new restaurant that looked great and the food was good too, it was dark in there with very elegant red and gold painted walls, and deep red chandeliers. I loved this sign very much but it doesn't really show in the picture.

We watched the Bourne ultimatum and we loved it so much, and an Arabic movie which surprisingly my husband enjoyed it too..

On Friday I had my first experience of walking in the walking are of Aramco compound.. What a great experience, I haven't exercised for a while and I was tired so fast yet it was good walking while seeing different things and the sky and trees even if it was dark.

So 7amdillah lots of lovely things this weekend, but still no finished projects, I'm still waiting to buy the paint for my princess's room, but I got her more princesses themes stuff, I think I will send a picture of the room to Disney when I'm finished maybe they will give me an award or something..! lol

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Playing with my toys

I used my new alphabet die cuts to make these labels, of course the plastic the things are in is transparent but still it makes a nice touch don't you think?

Well it was quite a challenge making these because my little one was so determined to make it hard on me to do anything that doesn't involve her, I tried making her work with the other cutters I have but you know how it is, if it's in mom's hand then it sure is better..!
See that red X above the container? it's my new sticker maker which I used to glue the letters, soo much easier that using the glue stick, thanks mom. And the colors aren't that good, the patterned color is dark pink not orange.

I still need two more of these plastic containers for my other stuff and then a few more small projects before I transform the table there for it to become my paper crafts area. Not that I'm in the mood to do anything right now anyways, maybe it's just my time of no crafting mood these days.

Monday, August 06, 2007

One year birthday

Birthday of my blog.. I've been blogging for a whole year today, wow how the time flies..

A lot have happened in this year, birthdays,anniversaries, traveling, hospitals, changing houses, new babies, new hobbies (I just discovered sewing and fabrics a year ago..!)

Lots and lots of bag making, playing with scrap booking and trying to make life pretty..

Hard times , easy times.. Sad moments , happy moments.. A whole year in writing.. that's the longest I've ever kept a diary in my life, and it's a good thing because this way I can see how many good times I had 7amdillah during the year..

Happy one year birthday my dear blog.. You made my life interesting.

( the picture is from the net, sorry if it's yours)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Project : a princess 's room

Well this is how far I got.. I managed excellently to mess up the room to make place for the ladder near the walls for the names to be painted.

I still got 5 names outlined and waiting to be filled with different colors. A color for each princess name.

So after that would be to paint the walls inshallah with pink, and then maybe a border of some kind. We'll see as we go on.

I used large plastic letters meant for scrap booking or card making to outline all the names and using crafts paint to fill them in. It's a very painful project on the arms and legs and neck, but I have a really strong affection towards hard projects.. !

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Pretty in black and white..

I just love the pattern and the color combination..

Again, all the pictures from the net. I'm working on my daughter's room, hopefully I'll have pictures to share soon inshallah. (It will be all Disney princesses theme)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The newest project

I needed something in my room to hold my growing collection of paper crafts supplies, and I wanted to have a corner in my room for scrapbooking and card making only, so I found this good meant for garages shelves for only 59 Ryals..! and I thought to myself, GREAT.. It's just what I needed for now.

In order to have a room for it a went crazy moving furniture from one room to another and my little girl went along with me eagerly wanting to move everything else too.

I don't have a before picture but imagine it's the same only in a light unfinished wood color. I gave it a white wash, and used some of the great Cath Kidston napkins mom brought me as a decoration, and ta da.. I have a nice storing piece.

I used plastic containers (also cheap) to store my things where I can use them and see them. And all I need is a table for the corner to be completed, more on that when it's done inshallah.

Have a nice weekend.