Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The second room

When we moved to our third home we left our girl's room white (yuck..!) and for every one who knows me I hate white walls..! and that include off white, cream ,light beige, anything that simply doesn't have color. But I thought that I wanted to do something different in her room and I didn't know what yet.

I started by doing this mural of a large window overlooking a lake and a fairy tale castle, you can't tell from the picture but I also had small mother duck swimming with her small ducklings. I was going to add a window box with fake flowers but then I decided to paint the room pink.

The ceiling is very high and I hate ladders, they make me dizzy, that's why I painted only two thirds of the walls pink, the room is also very big mashallah. For a border I used purple with colorful butterflies and a green rik rak framing both sides of the border.

The pink seemed so dark compared to the white, so I stenciled all the walls with small white daisies over the pink.

The room was still unfinished when we moved, I wanted to add a carpet, some cool beddings and furniture, but that's how my rooms are, always unfinished. I can control the painting part because I do it, but the other things.. Well I don't usually find what I like easily.

I discovered that I didn't take much pictures of that room, even though it took much work and time to do it... And then we left it all behind...Again....

Next.. the current room.


Redrose said...

mashallah....u always do a good job I'm sure the current will be the best.

moonface1211 said...

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