Monday, August 13, 2007

A visit to the museum

We went to the museum today, great place, great paintings and pictures by famous artists.. I loved this picture the most, just look at the colors, and the pose the little girl has in it... Hmmm i think she looks suspiciously a lot like my little girl, hey that is my little girl..! They stole her picture..!!!

Well I like to think we have museums here, although sometimes they are boring to me, a lot of the times they have interesting things. ( there is this site that makes this nice picture for u, and no this is not me on the right, nor the left)

So I'm still working on my princess's room, and the funniest thing happened..(not really funny but keep reading) I was painting something on the wall that needed a ladder for me to reach, and I got tired from going up and down so I decided it's best to stand on my girl's bed to reach a relatively large area without moving much. So I reached the corner when I felt a bit tired and decided to lean on the wall behind me... Wrong move..! the bed has wheels which I forgot about and suddenly in slow motion the bed slided to the next side of the room leaving me...?? on the floor.
Well I hit my head which hurts now, and my arm is red and I think my foot hurts too, and my back is on it's way.. So boys and girls don't do this at home..

Who thought that such an innocent hobby like painting the walls can be so dangerous? I just hope mom and hubby won't think of stopping me from completing the room, until now they are only threatening to do that.. Wish me luck.


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Redrose said...

dont worry about your mo and hubby...I am the one who will tell on should take more care..this time you didnt break anything,but next time?????????