Saturday, August 18, 2007

A room fit for a princess

Well 7amdillah, finally the room is - 90% - finished..
I still need some fabrics for the curtains and bed skirt, and I'm not done with organizing the toys and painting the table and chair.

First I put the bed at an angle, but didn't like it much because I thought it took a lot of precious space, but here's a picture of it..

Then I rearranged everything and this is how it looks like now..

I painted the names of all the Disney princesses and stuck a picture that I printed on my printers for every princess. I then hand painted a border between the cream of the original walls and the pink we painted , it's all rounded white shapes to look like a pearl necklace.

Well mashallah it took me a lot of work and pain and falls..! but I think I'm happy with the outcome, my girl is happy too, and I think I haven't left much of the Disney's products in the shops without having me one.. But I hope she will live with it for as long as we can manage before she wants to redecorate.. I'm tired.....!!! But this is the closest to a finished room I've ever got with her.

She is enjoying her time with her princesses friends.. ( yes I'm well aware that the rug needs some fixing up, I bought it this way because it was the last one I found and it was only for 33 riyals, so inshallah it will be fixable)


Anonymous said...

مبرووووووووووك حلللللللوة ماشالله تجنن اتوقعت انها حتطلع حلوة بس طلعت احلى تسلم يدك
ولوجي صارت مع الأميرات كمان هههههه حلوة الصورة ماشالله تتهنى فيها ان شالله

Redrose said...

mashallah sooooooo cute tislam alayadeee....or as Lujain says: wow!!