Sunday, August 05, 2007

Project : a princess 's room

Well this is how far I got.. I managed excellently to mess up the room to make place for the ladder near the walls for the names to be painted.

I still got 5 names outlined and waiting to be filled with different colors. A color for each princess name.

So after that would be to paint the walls inshallah with pink, and then maybe a border of some kind. We'll see as we go on.

I used large plastic letters meant for scrap booking or card making to outline all the names and using crafts paint to fill them in. It's a very painful project on the arms and legs and neck, but I have a really strong affection towards hard projects.. !


moonface1211 said...

مشالله حلوة الكتابات
بس فين لقيتي بلاستيك الحروف الكبيرة ؟؟
تسلم ايدك نستنى التكملة

Redrose said...

Wow mashalla tislam alayady very nice...
From the looks of it I bet this will be the best room you've painted so far!!