Saturday, May 29, 2010

yet another update

Ok so I am really finding it hard to come up with a smart title for my posts lol.
So I managed to add some furniture in my new place, mainly in the kiddo's room because I really want to finish it up first thing, she is really excited about her new room, which will be a more grown up than all her previous ones. All 4 of them..! :P

Anyways I think I found an arrangement that I like so far for the living room, I put the little one's television there till I get a new bigger one inshalla, but it stayed there only for a day before she demanded to have it back in her room, huh who needs it , it's small and only show DVD :P

We also attended the yearly school show ( I can't seem to remember the right phrase :S ) and our little precious princess had a part in it, she looked so professional mashalla while singing and it made me so proud of her, and although it wasn't her graduation like last year I still cried so hard for the graduation of sixth graders.. God what am I gonna do when she will be there?? she is growing fast.. sigh

And the newest in my updates would be the sad and frustrating news that they are working right infront of our building and really blocked the way in or out of it specialy if I had an idea of moving my old furniture or ordering new ones, so all that will have to wait till they are done, which can take up to weeks in this part of earth..! Well what can I do, but I am working on my old stuff packaging it all so that I can move in right when they are done inshalla.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Somewhere to sit

While waiting for more workers to do more
Yes it's true I am bringing in workers to do stuff I usually do myself. This time I want to only concentrate on the fun stuff like decorating, and not on tiring stuff like drilling holes for the curtain rods..

Anyways back to my seating system, I finally got me a sofa, yaaaay :D
After a long time and many visits to Ikea I changed my previous plans of a sectional sofa in white - since white seems to be out of order and not on demand- and I got me a three seat sofa with one long seat. sorry I have NO idea what it is called lol

I also got me a one seat chair and I already have another long legged ( I know it is definitely not called that :P ) one at home which needs to be moved.

And my living room look like this right now..

Or this...

I changed the arrangement a lot I can't find a suitable one, not until I get the rest of the stuff in I think.

Today they hung the curtain rods and I need to saw the curtains now.
I also cleaned and accessorized the bathroom a bit, in pink..

But I am thinking of making some changes and use another color.. I will see.

Last Friday we went to my cousin's house, and all the kids were busy playing with some colorful balls, except for my little one who was busy doing some sort of crafting. lol like mommy ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010

First piece of furniture..

This is the first piece of furniture I put in the house..

This area used to have a sink and tiles all over it, I don't like sinks outside of the bathroom so I removed everything, but as a result I got an empty space with some of the old plumbing thingies still showing. So I got this shoe cabinet to hide that and to use the space for shoe storage, clever, right?lol

Yesterday I went to the new place with the kiddo and spent the whole afternoon there, very nice time we had vacuuming and assembling the Ikea cabinet, while the little one watched totally spies on youtube, ten played Quran online, I got an amazing speed for my internet there mashalla..!

This is where I did some facebooking and chatting in between ;)

And I even managed to send the kid to her room-which is empty like everywhere else lol- just because :P

But she liked it, till she fell asleep on the carpet and woke up an our later crying from her ear pain, turns out she has ear infection and we can't go to Jeddah this weekend like we were supposed to to attend my other friend's engagement party.. what a shame.
But she is doing much better 7amdilla and that is what's important.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sneak peak

My flooring is still not all done, but now I know why.. turns out the last day of rain we had had soaked up my electric box and they had to stop electricity to fix it. That's why my poor floor workers had to stop. Wen I checked the house the job was nearly done, they are very neat mashalla cutting everything and mounting it on the right wall then gluing it all at the same time.

Anyways they will work on it today inshalla so hopefully it will be done by tonight.

I also bought the living room curtain fabric. I didn't get many choices but I kind of like the one I got. At least till I find a better one that I love more.
Here is a sneak peak of the whole look

Next stop would probably be living room sofas.. Life can't get any sweeter mashalla. I thank god for that.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Flooring, flooring, flooring..!

What can I tell you about them.. I love laminate wooden floors. I had a wish come true when I ordered mine a century ago..!( which is a lot like the one in the picture above) and when the workers first started to work on my place I was very excited.. But that was ages ago... And now...

No this isn't my room but mine is almost in the same stage of finished.. not nearly there..!
Well as you can tell I am having trouble with workers working on my place on their free time from their original job. which means coming at odd hours and giving you appointments with daaays in between.

Ok so I might be exaggerating a bit, since they only worked last Tuesday and today and they will supposedly-hopefully-be done on next Tuesday. But still...!

Anyways the house looks nice mashalla even if it is minus the baseboard and room borders. And I am thankful for that.
Who knew it was that much work to have your dream place lol

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Flowers in our garden..

But not in a shower curtain..!
I have been looking for a floral shower curtain everywhere in khobar. I can't seem to find what I am thinking of. And even looking for a curtain for my living room isn't a very easy thing.

Two days ago my close childhood friend gave birth to the most amazing little baby boy mashalla, he is so cute and tiny and blond ! I can't seem to have enough of him mashalla. congrats my dear.. We love you and the new baby :)

I attempted to do a baby sock bouquet which I saw online, but the result was not very impressive lol

Right now the workers are installing the laminate wooden floors in my new place. I am very nervous waiting to see the end result right here, but I have to just pray for the best lol.

Ok so back o our garden flowers, I took some pictures and I liked them so thought of sharing ..

Have a good day.
And I really hope we don't get the storm they are saying might hit us.. :S