Monday, May 17, 2010

First piece of furniture..

This is the first piece of furniture I put in the house..

This area used to have a sink and tiles all over it, I don't like sinks outside of the bathroom so I removed everything, but as a result I got an empty space with some of the old plumbing thingies still showing. So I got this shoe cabinet to hide that and to use the space for shoe storage, clever, right?lol

Yesterday I went to the new place with the kiddo and spent the whole afternoon there, very nice time we had vacuuming and assembling the Ikea cabinet, while the little one watched totally spies on youtube, ten played Quran online, I got an amazing speed for my internet there mashalla..!

This is where I did some facebooking and chatting in between ;)

And I even managed to send the kid to her room-which is empty like everywhere else lol- just because :P

But she liked it, till she fell asleep on the carpet and woke up an our later crying from her ear pain, turns out she has ear infection and we can't go to Jeddah this weekend like we were supposed to to attend my other friend's engagement party.. what a shame.
But she is doing much better 7amdilla and that is what's important.

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