Saturday, May 29, 2010

yet another update

Ok so I am really finding it hard to come up with a smart title for my posts lol.
So I managed to add some furniture in my new place, mainly in the kiddo's room because I really want to finish it up first thing, she is really excited about her new room, which will be a more grown up than all her previous ones. All 4 of them..! :P

Anyways I think I found an arrangement that I like so far for the living room, I put the little one's television there till I get a new bigger one inshalla, but it stayed there only for a day before she demanded to have it back in her room, huh who needs it , it's small and only show DVD :P

We also attended the yearly school show ( I can't seem to remember the right phrase :S ) and our little precious princess had a part in it, she looked so professional mashalla while singing and it made me so proud of her, and although it wasn't her graduation like last year I still cried so hard for the graduation of sixth graders.. God what am I gonna do when she will be there?? she is growing fast.. sigh

And the newest in my updates would be the sad and frustrating news that they are working right infront of our building and really blocked the way in or out of it specialy if I had an idea of moving my old furniture or ordering new ones, so all that will have to wait till they are done, which can take up to weeks in this part of earth..! Well what can I do, but I am working on my old stuff packaging it all so that I can move in right when they are done inshalla.

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