Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Flowers in our garden..

But not in a shower curtain..!
I have been looking for a floral shower curtain everywhere in khobar. I can't seem to find what I am thinking of. And even looking for a curtain for my living room isn't a very easy thing.

Two days ago my close childhood friend gave birth to the most amazing little baby boy mashalla, he is so cute and tiny and blond ! I can't seem to have enough of him mashalla. congrats my dear.. We love you and the new baby :)

I attempted to do a baby sock bouquet which I saw online, but the result was not very impressive lol

Right now the workers are installing the laminate wooden floors in my new place. I am very nervous waiting to see the end result right here, but I have to just pray for the best lol.

Ok so back o our garden flowers, I took some pictures and I liked them so thought of sharing ..

Have a good day.
And I really hope we don't get the storm they are saying might hit us.. :S

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