Sunday, May 23, 2010

Somewhere to sit

While waiting for more workers to do more
Yes it's true I am bringing in workers to do stuff I usually do myself. This time I want to only concentrate on the fun stuff like decorating, and not on tiring stuff like drilling holes for the curtain rods..

Anyways back to my seating system, I finally got me a sofa, yaaaay :D
After a long time and many visits to Ikea I changed my previous plans of a sectional sofa in white - since white seems to be out of order and not on demand- and I got me a three seat sofa with one long seat. sorry I have NO idea what it is called lol

I also got me a one seat chair and I already have another long legged ( I know it is definitely not called that :P ) one at home which needs to be moved.

And my living room look like this right now..

Or this...

I changed the arrangement a lot I can't find a suitable one, not until I get the rest of the stuff in I think.

Today they hung the curtain rods and I need to saw the curtains now.
I also cleaned and accessorized the bathroom a bit, in pink..

But I am thinking of making some changes and use another color.. I will see.

Last Friday we went to my cousin's house, and all the kids were busy playing with some colorful balls, except for my little one who was busy doing some sort of crafting. lol like mommy ;)

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