Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hi, remember me..?

I'm the absent blogger.. :P
ok so I know that I've been doing that a lot lately, disappear for a long time and then come back with either a sad post or one that is filled with pictures..
This is the picture filled post time.. Even though I feel like making it a sad post.. But I will get over it.

So, we attended our friend's twin second birthday in fuds, mashallah they are so cute and the small kids had a fun time running around and harassing no kidding they were adorable

Some pics..

birthday boys..

some of the guests having fun


and down

Do you like my new living room? I love it..

And hope it is really my living room .. This was in a new furniture shop in Dhahran mall, they have some nice things but this room... God I just fell in love.. inshallah one day..

Friday, October 17, 2008

I wonder why...

I wonder why I am feeling lost..
I wonder why I can't find my way..
I wonder why my life seems to be running so fast..
And yet I find it hard to finish each day..

I wonder why I am confused..
I wonder why everything hurts me..
I wonder when I'll be ok..
I wonder if I'll ever be..

I wonder how I'll change myself..
I wonder , will I have the strength..

I wonder this I wonder that..
But one thing I don't have to wonder about..

Allah is with me in every step I take..
Even if I was standing in my place ,
he will show me the decisions I have to make..

Al 7amdulillah..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

First day of kg3 and some ice cream..

Well to keep up with the tradition of taking a picture for the first day of school here are two from this year

my little one is in kg3 now and she was excited in her first day.. (in front of her school)

Until she discovered her teacher won't be there for her this year. She is having a new class and a new teacher and that freaked her out and she started crying.. Only for a while though because her new teacher seems very kind and good mashallah..

So we went to Macdonald's one day with my friend and her kids and they enjoyed some happy meals and playing , and then some ice cream ..

I enjoyed some of my kid's ice cream too lol
And can you believe how festive a glass of diet Pepsi can get? our waiter was in a good mood that day at Friday's I think , yummy yummy..

Anyways, sorry I've been absent a lot from my blog, but I am feeling so lost those days and hope to find my way soon inshallah, wish me luck .

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

long time no see..

It's been very long since I last posted anything, many things happened in that time, first of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy Eid.. very late I know.. It was a somehow hectic time for me, it being the first eid as a single person again.. It was a nice eid 7amdillah , I didn't feel bad or depressed but was hit with a wave of sadness in a couple of occasions.. Other than that all was good.

So since it was my first year in 7 years that I spend eid night in my house, I decided to make the most of it and decorate the way I always wanted to do, I wanted to have a place in the house dedicated for eid gifts, for my little girl to feel excited about like I used to be when they did that while I was a kid myself, so mom had an idea of getting this metal thing from the garden and I decorated it with golden strings and green silk flowers.

and here with the eid kids instead of the gifts.. After all they are gifts from Allah..

and some didn't want to sit there..

way before that we had a surprise birthday party for my friend's daughter who turned 14 mashallah, it was a very nice night and we really did our best to make it as fast and as surprising as possible, all under a froggy theme which she loves.. I'll leave you with the pictures... ( just forgive the bad lightings I lost my camera's charger and using my Mobile's camera )

Gifts and party favors.. One of the gifts was real frogs

The little frog on the cake is a candle

My gift basket, filled with froggies small and big..