Friday, November 30, 2007

Ready for winter

Look who is all ready for the cold season (even though it's not officially here yet)

Don't they look just adorable mashallah? missing one sweet girl

And we have a small cook in our family.. Preparing food at mom's house..

All ready to bake it...

Ta daaa, would you like to have some play dough cookies?

Still no sign of my crafty twin.. Not even of my life loving one.. But I'm still looking, wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two places in my life

I managed to take pictures of my favorite place for the last month, the swimming pool at the gym..

It's usually quiet and empty in the mornings which i like, how nice is it to swim in a whole pool by yourself, or with a close friend.

So I'm trying these days to update the decorations in our house, starting from the living room.

There is nothing there , just the basic things and a few decorative ones. I have big plans for this area which is not being used much since my husband has a home office and I have my studio. But I'm aiming for it to become a family/guest room that is warm and welcoming, if not for anything , atleast to use our poor tv..

So updated pictures will be posted inshallah whenever I finish decorating. hopefully soon.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Good weather means going out

And that what we did..

But I would like to go there too...

Maybe one day when I have good knees and a strong back..

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A birthday, and some faces..!

Our small family celebrated the little princess's birthday in chili's Friday night, we ordered the cake with the waiters singing happy birthday , she liked watching them all the time whenever we go there, and she was very happy

We gave her the gifts and she was more excited

And on Saturday she took some party bags and donuts to the kids in her school and I think it made her feel special. I was planning on having a big celebration for her with the princesses theme but all last week I've been either in bed or the recliner in front of the tv not being able to move without feeling a huge amount of pain from my back, 7amdillah I am much better now but I missed 4 days of the gym and I feel tired and depressed from all the pain.

So while I was sitting not being able to do much but watch boring tv, I tried finishing the book I started reading months ago, and here what I got stuck between my book and me..

First this..

Then this..

Good thing it wasn't a scary novel..!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Four amazing years

At the age of 13 days

At her first birthday

At the age of two

At her third birthday

A month before she's four years old

Happy 4th Birthday (tomorrow) our little princess, we love you more than anything in the whole wide world, you are the most precious gift Allah gave us and I am thankful every day that you are a part of our life...

From the first day you were born you have been a special girl, and even though sometimes I might not show it at all , I know how lucky I am that you are my little one..

May Allah keep you safe and happy for us.

Mommy's night out with the girls

Well all mommy's have to have one every now and then, and my girl calls it mommies gatherings.

Last Wednesday I went with a group of friends to visit another friend's house in Aramco for a barbecue , I was excited about the idea of having a women only night , all grown ups with no one to hang on my skirt asking for things all the time and getting so bored that all she wants to do is ask to go to the toilet so I can walk around with her ( she does that in restaurants all the time )

The house we went to was just gorgeous, lovely lighting, candles every where , nice music and a great hostess..

I had a very relaxing time in their backyard which she made look pretty with candles and tiny lights and a fire.. And a table already set with table cloth and plates under a lovely gazebo.. Very nice mashallah, even the rest of the house , specially her youngest daughter's room which was very dreamy..( no picture of that room, and the darkness made the picture not very clear but you can get the whole idea)

The barbecue was yummy, so were the salads, sauces and dessert. I recommend this group lol.

So you might have noticed that I haven't blogged for a while , I've been so busy making me a new health plan that includes two hours in the gym, not all of them are working out for sure, but I'm going with a close friend and we are giving each other support and a good time. So I did nothing crafty or decoratively , except that it's almost winter so I'm working again on my rippled blanket that refuses to finish.

So see you again when I see you..

Friday, November 09, 2007

A nice place

I just love this place, it's an Italian restaurant called The perk , and from the first time I went there I fell in love with it.

I love the decor, and when it's empty it's really calm with the soft music they play and all that light..

A great idea from the window, a very small area with no view outside but still they made it look special with the plant and the bench..

I love the wall color and the dark wooden floor..

High ceilings and cute fans.. With a small pond and fountain in the middle, it's soothing to hear the sound of water with the music.

This is something I want in my house, a brick wall with arched windows. They look very good..

And as a plus point the food is yumm..

No, this is not a paid advertisement ! All the opinions are the authors own..

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cute kids

Last night we were at my mom's cousin's house , I saw my family for the first time since Ramadan and it was great.

This cute baby mashallah is one of the cutest I've ever seen.. I just love babies with their thump in their cute little mouth, and he was sleeping so it's double the cuteness mashallah. He is my cousin's baby (not the one we visited, my real cousin)

This is a nice picture of the future of Saudi Arabia, girls in their car with the boy filling it with fuel.. So cute mashallah, the girls r my girl and my cousin's girl, they are a year apart, both Scorpio with the same personality.. They are a hand full mashallah. The boy is my other cousin's son .

Don't you just love it when kids play with each other leaving the mom's a time to breathe? my little girl wants to go back to school on the weekends because she is feeling very bored at home, and it is only ten in the morning..!

I have an order for a black and white bag+wallet, it's good to work on things again.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another signِ

This one is in steak house, I find it funny... Hmmmm...

This is not a sign but I wanted to show you how I added some more shelves in my room , I have lots of things and I need all the space I can get. It feels more crafty this way working with all my materials where I can see them around me.

This is one of the mini furnitures I got , a small chair and a mini basket filled with mini fabrics. I want to paint the chair and decorate it a bit, but not now I still haven't found my crafty twin.

So that's all I have.. c u later.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Not another poem

Hi , thanks to all of the nice ladies who posted worriedly about my poem, well I wasn't that depressed, but thought that magnifying my emotions would make a nicer poem so I did..

But I know that I have great people in my life when I need a shoulder to cry on, and I would like to thank all those shoulders in advance ..! Inshallah I will be my cheerful self again ( if this cheerful self ever did exist in the first place, ha ha I can say it you can't laugh about it! )

So to make up for the negativeness of my last post I would like to share this nice sign that some lady posted in her blog ( sorry nice lady I can't remember now which one are you ) about the lost and found section in Disney land.

And Hopefully in time I will have something good and funny about my life to share.. I wish hard for that.

Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm still here
With nothing to share..
Sitting in front of my computer
with an empty stare..

Trying to find something
that I can write about..
But all I can think of is my fears and tears
And a lot of things that I doubt..

But don't worry about me
I will survive...
This isn't my first time
And I'm still alive..

I just thought I'd try to write about it
In words that rhyme..
Just for the fun of it
and to waste some time..

Have a nice day :)