Thursday, November 22, 2007

A birthday, and some faces..!

Our small family celebrated the little princess's birthday in chili's Friday night, we ordered the cake with the waiters singing happy birthday , she liked watching them all the time whenever we go there, and she was very happy

We gave her the gifts and she was more excited

And on Saturday she took some party bags and donuts to the kids in her school and I think it made her feel special. I was planning on having a big celebration for her with the princesses theme but all last week I've been either in bed or the recliner in front of the tv not being able to move without feeling a huge amount of pain from my back, 7amdillah I am much better now but I missed 4 days of the gym and I feel tired and depressed from all the pain.

So while I was sitting not being able to do much but watch boring tv, I tried finishing the book I started reading months ago, and here what I got stuck between my book and me..

First this..

Then this..

Good thing it wasn't a scary novel..!


moonface1211 said...

هههههه وجه لوجي يضحك وهي مقربة مرة من الكاميرا
شكلها اكيد انبسطت على الي بيغنوا لها

وسلامات على ضهرك امكن ضغطت على نفسك في الرياضة ماتشوفي شر

وحشتني الجلسة معاك بس احس ماسار عندك وقت فاضي

Redrose said...

Wallahi I am glad it wasn't a scary novel cause I would've jumped out of my skin.....

Happy birthday louji...inshalla you will see her in her bridal dress....first her Graduation...ok!?