Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm still here
With nothing to share..
Sitting in front of my computer
with an empty stare..

Trying to find something
that I can write about..
But all I can think of is my fears and tears
And a lot of things that I doubt..

But don't worry about me
I will survive...
This isn't my first time
And I'm still alive..

I just thought I'd try to write about it
In words that rhyme..
Just for the fun of it
and to waste some time..

Have a nice day :)


moonface1211 said...

ايوة تصير كتير انه الواحد يكون مضايق
وموعارف اشبه بس فترة وتعدي ونرجع لحالتنا العادية

Redrose said...

Hmmmm salamat wallah ...nice poem!!You made it up!!
Come on cheer up your mom looked real worried Friday!!

ريال مدريد said...

الله يعينك. حاولي تنسي او تتذكري اشياء حلوة..

moonface1211 said...

نسيت اقلك حلو الشعر
ترى ما عرفت اكتب اول
بس لا تزعلي
اتزكري اني لك اخت تفضفضيلها وقت ما تبي