Sunday, February 28, 2010

new home inspiration

I have a clear image in my mind about the major things I need to have in a home , such as wooden laminate floors and a fireplace..

Another thing I always wanted was a brick wall, the kind u see in cottages or new york style loft apartments. And I wanted it painted white.
Knowing what I want doesn't make having it easy, so far I found a few choices, I can either use big sheets of fake white briks and fix them to the wall ( I don't know how though) or hire an artist to faux paint it with a certain substance to make the realistic look..

Or... I can try to do it myself.. I like the idea of doing it myself even though lately working on such things make me tired fast..

Anyways I still need to do a few more trips to some decorating stores to see what other options I can get.

Meanwhile , here are some pictures that inspire me in my new home..

I'm still not all settled on one color scheme, I just love all colors, which make it harder on me to stick to one choice.. or two but as you might have guessed, it all has to have pink in them ;)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home sweet home..

It's been nearly two years since my divorce, a hard time for me that involved tears, fears and lot's of depending on my close and beloved family for support. I grew a lot in these two years, more than I did through the previous 33 years.

While I was still recovering ( and I think in a way I still am) I needed to be as close as possible to my mother, which I'm living with her parents to take care of them. It was a good arrangement for a while, but 4 different generations are so hard to be under one roof. I was raised with my grandparents and mother ( same group of people I am with now) and I had my own hard time and bad memories, of course beside tons of good ones, but I don't think it's very nice having the same situation again with my own kid and me in the same place my mom was in back then.

So my dear mother is helping me to move on with the rest of my life in a more settled and secure way, by having a place for me and my daughter to call our own.. Home sweet home.. and I can't be any more exited 7amdilla.

It's a small place, cozy and bright mashalla and I love it so much. it's ours so I will be decorating it inshalla with pleasure and a greatt amount of consideration. And I would like to share this journey with u here..

So from now on (until I am done with the decoration ) it will be all about my journey of creating a home..

First some pics from the house.. Still empty waiting for me to put my touches :D

Can you tell how excited my little princess is? we all are mashalla..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what's pink, ultra slim and flexible?

I hope you weren't thinking of an inappropriate thing :P
I was talking about my new keyboard...

Isn't it a pretty sight?
Goes well with my mouse pad..

I just need to get used to it because it's very sensitive to the touch and feels funny when used lol.
Now working on my desk is a real pink experience ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

V's day

Is today, and I am single, but I don't mind that much, yes sure I get the occational " I feel lonely" moment, along with it's sister " everyone has someone except me" but they are only brief ones thank god..

I have a pretty and peaceful life, I feel relaxed, not pressured about anything or anyone , I am the master of my time and my life decision ( of course I know that it's all Allah's will ) and I am free to wish , hope and dream.. I didn't have dreams or realities concerning V's day b4 that :P

And most importantly I have people who love me :D 7amdilla this is the best thing in life.

My kiddo got me this as a surprise when we went to Bahrain, she put it on my bed for me to see when I came back from my late night movie, I loved it. ( the post it note was added last night )

And today my dear friend L surprised me with this

I am surrounded with lovely people 7amdilla :)
Wish you the same thing.. Have a happy day , singles or otherwise ;)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My dearest friend and sister moon face ( or is it angel eyes? or ward o alwan? ;) )

Wish you have a marvelous day and great year and excellent life , we all love you :X

Sweet job..

Craft job that is.. yes I am posting another craft, this time a bit bigger than the last one..:)

First of all I would like to say that I don't really celebrate Valentine's day, I just can't resist the colors scheme and all the hearts and sweets lol

So that day I went out with my friend to Aramco camp to visit an American lady who brings stuff from the US and sell them in her garage, usually she has pretty things in all the occasions in the world, but I was waiting for the Valentine's shipment ( see the above explanation ;) ) So we went and I bought..

I am diabetic- yes I am well aware of that sad recent fact- but I just can't walk away from M&M's in the love color, or that sweet corn candy in pink red and white..!

The solution to that? give small gifts to family members and watch them eat them lol.
And do it in style..

I saw this idea all over the net, and kind of made my own pattern by trial and error. The result if I may say is just delicious .

I just couldn't stop and kept adding things to it..

So don't you think it's a sweet job?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally, something crafty..!

Well it is really a shame to say it is a crafty thing, more like a kid's craft and a way to share a mini project, to be honest this is all I can manage right now, mini projects :P

I saw those on the net and liked the look of them, so we picked a paper (from a new paper pad I got from a trip to Bahrain in the weekend ) and after a few cutting and folding moves ( too few the kiddo was like "mom I wanna do a real craft! " ) this is what we got..

It doesn't even move very well :P maybe I need to go check on the how-to again ..

But at least I did something, right? ;)

I just discovered I never really posted any pictures of the last Eid, we had a marvelous time at the beach and took tons of great pictures.. I'll leave you with some..

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Going back in time...

Not so long time ago, I was a Julio Iglesias addict, I had all the albums I could get and played them non stop. I always enjoyed Spanish music, and the voice of Julio in particular touched my heart and emotions..

That was in the early days, where I believed dreams can come true, and romance really exist.

Then came the years of reality , and the crushing of dreams.. I stopped listening to most of my dreamy songs and started the sad and gloomy ones.
Not to get me wrong my life wasn't all sad or bad, it was just so real, with no place for a dream ..

Reality is good, but so is dreaming, so now I decided to go back to doing both.. Living reality in my life, and dreaming a very colorful , happy dancing dream . I just won't wait for it to get real, cuz after all it is only a dream.

I have no idea what I am trying to say lol.. All I know is that I got two CDs for Julio Iglesias, and I intend to listen to them and dance again... In dreams .