Sunday, February 14, 2010

V's day

Is today, and I am single, but I don't mind that much, yes sure I get the occational " I feel lonely" moment, along with it's sister " everyone has someone except me" but they are only brief ones thank god..

I have a pretty and peaceful life, I feel relaxed, not pressured about anything or anyone , I am the master of my time and my life decision ( of course I know that it's all Allah's will ) and I am free to wish , hope and dream.. I didn't have dreams or realities concerning V's day b4 that :P

And most importantly I have people who love me :D 7amdilla this is the best thing in life.

My kiddo got me this as a surprise when we went to Bahrain, she put it on my bed for me to see when I came back from my late night movie, I loved it. ( the post it note was added last night )

And today my dear friend L surprised me with this

I am surrounded with lovely people 7amdilla :)
Wish you the same thing.. Have a happy day , singles or otherwise ;)

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