Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet job..

Craft job that is.. yes I am posting another craft, this time a bit bigger than the last one..:)

First of all I would like to say that I don't really celebrate Valentine's day, I just can't resist the colors scheme and all the hearts and sweets lol

So that day I went out with my friend to Aramco camp to visit an American lady who brings stuff from the US and sell them in her garage, usually she has pretty things in all the occasions in the world, but I was waiting for the Valentine's shipment ( see the above explanation ;) ) So we went and I bought..

I am diabetic- yes I am well aware of that sad recent fact- but I just can't walk away from M&M's in the love color, or that sweet corn candy in pink red and white..!

The solution to that? give small gifts to family members and watch them eat them lol.
And do it in style..

I saw this idea all over the net, and kind of made my own pattern by trial and error. The result if I may say is just delicious .

I just couldn't stop and kept adding things to it..

So don't you think it's a sweet job?

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Anonymous said...

great job so cute :)
i am happy for u to be crafty again :)