Sunday, February 28, 2010

new home inspiration

I have a clear image in my mind about the major things I need to have in a home , such as wooden laminate floors and a fireplace..

Another thing I always wanted was a brick wall, the kind u see in cottages or new york style loft apartments. And I wanted it painted white.
Knowing what I want doesn't make having it easy, so far I found a few choices, I can either use big sheets of fake white briks and fix them to the wall ( I don't know how though) or hire an artist to faux paint it with a certain substance to make the realistic look..

Or... I can try to do it myself.. I like the idea of doing it myself even though lately working on such things make me tired fast..

Anyways I still need to do a few more trips to some decorating stores to see what other options I can get.

Meanwhile , here are some pictures that inspire me in my new home..

I'm still not all settled on one color scheme, I just love all colors, which make it harder on me to stick to one choice.. or two but as you might have guessed, it all has to have pink in them ;)

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moonface1211 said...

شفتي ايميل الحرمة الي ارسلته لك الي تحب البنك وعمرها في الخمسين عندها حاجات حلوة ووردية هههههه
بالنسبة لشكل الطابوق ما دري اذا تعجبك الفكرة ولا لا انا شفت وحده عاملتها بعجينة الورق طبعاً متعبة بس كانت عاملتها على حتى معينة مش جدار كامل وطلعت حلوة بس الفرق عن صورتك ان عجينة الورق تعطيكي الشكل مجسم وفيه نتوءات والي في الصورة عندك املس اظن
وطبعاً الألوان الي حاطتها حلوة وتفتح النفس اكيد راح توحيلك بشي دايماً افكارك نتيجتها حلوة ماشالله
do it your self you can do that