Tuesday, October 25, 2011

travel book detail

I said I would post it looong time ago, but I was busy feeling stressed out from my diet lol
But it is going well thank god, and I am about to reach my first of five mini goals, yaaay :D

So back to the book pages..

 and back: (using decorative tape I got from Daiso the Japanese store, love it )

And there is nothing new to share yet, I am preparing for 2 birthdays on November inshallah, and I am trying to do the endless job of de-cluttering in my tiny home, since It seems like I am about to be taken over by my stuff!!I need to stop buying new home accessories :(
Wish me luck !

Monday, October 17, 2011

Details of the swap, and a baby girl :D

First I would like to announce the birth of sweet little Yara, she is the baby of my cousin, the one we had the baby shower for her mom.
She was born on the 11th of October, a sweet little one mashallah, may Allah keep her safe and happy for her parents.

Sorry for the picture from a picture, but all my pictures of her are on my other phone and I can't seem to download it or send it anywhere, as soon as I do I will post more clear ones.

 I have been busy with the baby chocolate favors the mom asked me to do, because as usual I kept it for the last minute hehehehe. So here's a picture of some of the things I've made for the baby..

I wrapped those with the pink ribbons and the punched out butterflies for mom to give in the hospital visit. Love the Martha Stewart punch I got from Duabi!
 Those are the chocolate favors the mom and I worked on for weeks, I did the pattern then we drew and cut all 40 of them from pink and yellow card stocks, I assembled everything on the day she left the hospital then made this sort of frame to hang them on with tiny clothes pins.
 The little favors for the visitors, we wrapped them and I tried to make a stand with foam boards, it turned out ok but not as best as I hoped for, since I lost my foam heat cutter!
 A look at the table, with everything on.

About the swap, I got really nice things from my cousins and aunty. And as promised these are the things I made for them..
For my aunty who loves Istanbul, I made this pouch which it lined with red polka dot fabric
 for my cousin, who had the idea for this swap and wanted the around the world in 80 days theme, I did this brown paper bag album on the shape of the book
 one of the inside pages, there were 16 made of 4 bags, all held together using pins and ribbon
 another gift, an altered clip board acting as a calendar , or anything else she want lol
 the last one, an altered tin box , which hold travel related items..
 the inside, with the divider I made with card stock

So now I have 2 Birthday planning on my to-do list, plus some other crafting projects I hope to do.
And I am struggling with my diet, it's never too easy to diet when you are always using food for comfort, and as a way to deal with daily stresses and dissapointments, but I am managing well mashallah so far, I expected more, but I always did.. I just pray for every day strength till I reach my goal inshallah.

I might get back in another post with more of the pages from my book, and if i can manage to hide some of the details in one of the things I got in the swap ( my picture :P )
Till then have a nice week

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A swap..

My cousins and I agreed on a swap more than a month ago, before preparing for the baby shower , and since I was very busy at that time, and after that I got a bit sick, I had to start late .

And finally today, just 2 days before the deadline, I am done! wooooohoooooo!!!!

I can't tell you know what my items are, not untill I give them to my cousins , and recieve mine :D

I just can tell you that our theme was handmade, travel theme. Originally it was "around the world in 80 days" theme,but some of us found it hard to do since they didn't see the movie ...

Anyways, these are my items , all wrapped up in brown papers andd tied up with , ribbons ;)

I used the gift tags my cousin got me from Dubai which I loved..

On another subject, I am back to the dieting wagon, so far I am in my second week and I am still feeling motivated mashallah... Hope I will be that way and better for a long time . Wish me luck :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby shower day

Hi I am back with pictures from the actual baby shower , we had it at the mom-to-be's house, since my house is too small for such a crowd mashallah.

I went there with my cousin from the afternoon and started putting things together, some pictures of the decorations..

 The prizes/favors table.. looked yummy with all the pink ;)

We played a few fun games and gave some prizes..
 the "dress the baby monkeys" was the funniest game, we gave the only two girls a chance to play and it was fun to cheer and watch
 we had a go at the game while blindfolded and that what the babies looked like after wards!

Then had dinner, everyone brought something and I got the cake and cupcakes..

And the diaper cakes, but it's not meant to be eaten :P ( I did one , mom the other )

All in all it was a great day 7amdillah..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's been another long time.... Happy everything :D

Well sincs tha last time Eid has come and gone, so Happy Eid, and it was 7amdillah, we had some moments of sadness for sure, my late uncle (allah yir7amu) has left many memories for us, he was there in our lives strongly and everything reminded us of him.

But we still managed to make it a good Eid for the kids at least, and yes it's Allah's Eid so we have to celebrate even if sad.

I went to Jeddah in Ramadhan to visit my dad and family and friends there, spent two weeks and it was a nice thing to do , see loved ones and change scenes.

Eid was spent visiting each others, exchanging gifts, and playing some fun games my auntie and uncle prepared for us along with gift certificates as prizes.
some of the Eid gifts..
 Lovely Eid kids mashallah..
 Yummy Eid food ..
 Two lovely growing up fast girls mashallah..
 Praying 3asor on third day of ramadan , mashallah..

Then i spent a lot of times .. well two weeks to be precise :P preparing for my cousin's wife (is there a shorter name for that? I can always call her my friend or sister cuz she is like that ) baby shower. I was hosting it , but in her house since mine can't accomodate 19 ladies and 11 kids, at least that was the number of people who were supposed to show up. not all did.

So as you might notice, I love thinking of things for themed parties, and this theme was pink and brown with rubber duckies. I love rubber duckies..:D

I'll  leave you with some of the pictures of the things I made,
The invitations...

 preparing ..
 cupcake wrapper and topper, downloaded from the net..cut by hand..(30 of them )
 Banner, handmade with scrapbooking paper..

More pictures of the actual party coming next post inshallah.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ramadan kareem

wishing everyone a very Happy Ramdan, may Allah accept our fasting and praying and keep us all in good health.
We started the month with the traditional making of the ramadan lanterns (fanoos)

And a traditional greetings, back then ..

And right now..

Mashallah she looks very grown up, I can't believe she will be 8 at the end of ramadan,we were trying to recreate the famous picture that had a run all over the net, the one I posted here I got from my cousin telling me it was on youtube in a video clip, that's why it is in black and white, I honestly can't find the original now which had the same dark brown in the background..

May Allah keep her safe and happy for me.
Have a nice Ramdan :D

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another project checked off my list!

Yes I feel creative these days mashallah !
I am trying to finish half-way there projects before I tackle new ones, and this one was amongst the top 10 on my list.

I wanted a nice door mat, the cutest ( and goes somehow well with my theme) I found was this one..

Not bad, but try to compare it to what I want and you will see a big difference..(pictures from the net, sorry can't remember the sources)

Anyways, since ordering a doormat from the net is out of the question , I tried to do the second best thing, make one.
Starting with a cheap brown ,weird looking kind of mats from Ikea

Using a bit of spray painting (not in the color I wanted, again no large amount of choices) , some stenciling..

And alot of free hand painting (it's very hard to paint on this kind of mats , the fibers are all rough and showing, but I did best I can )
The end result in it's place..

Not bad for a door mat, right? and it only cost me 19 ryals for the mat.. well not counting the paints, cuz I will be using those in a lot of other things.
What do you think?

I'm trying something new, linking this post to one of my favorite blogs to check out, remodelaholic