Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another project checked off my list!

Yes I feel creative these days mashallah !
I am trying to finish half-way there projects before I tackle new ones, and this one was amongst the top 10 on my list.

I wanted a nice door mat, the cutest ( and goes somehow well with my theme) I found was this one..

Not bad, but try to compare it to what I want and you will see a big difference..(pictures from the net, sorry can't remember the sources)

Anyways, since ordering a doormat from the net is out of the question , I tried to do the second best thing, make one.
Starting with a cheap brown ,weird looking kind of mats from Ikea

Using a bit of spray painting (not in the color I wanted, again no large amount of choices) , some stenciling..

And alot of free hand painting (it's very hard to paint on this kind of mats , the fibers are all rough and showing, but I did best I can )
The end result in it's place..

Not bad for a door mat, right? and it only cost me 19 ryals for the mat.. well not counting the paints, cuz I will be using those in a lot of other things.
What do you think?

I'm trying something new, linking this post to one of my favorite blogs to check out, remodelaholic

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Moka said...

amazing..great job ;)