Tuesday, July 05, 2011

New craft

New to me, I've seen people doing this craft everywhere on the net for quite some time, but I never had the oppurtunity to try it, since I couldn't find the tools here.

So recently I went on a trip to Dubai ( one of my top favorite cities in the world) and ofcource I had to pay a visit to the scrapbooking shop that I went to before and loved " paper lane" , and next to it there was a crafting shop filled with materials for sewing , embroidering and knitting. And there it was, all I needed to start trying :
NEEDLE FELTING.. sorry I didn't mean to shout , I am just so excited lol

So I got the basic stuff, needles and an assortment of wool in yummy colors.
And today I made my first attempt..

First I did the base.. stabbing the piece of wool repetedly , being carefull not to stab my finger :P

then adding the other colors layer by layer...

till u get the look u want...which , in my case a babushka : D

a tiny little one..

So what do u think?

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