Monday, July 04, 2011

Playing with barbie

When I was young, I loved Barbie dolls, I got the house of Barbie ( the big three pieces one ) on Eid one year, and I kept growing my collections of dolls, furniture and clothes till I ended up with a box full of them. I enjoyed playing with them, alone or with a friend, I kept making up stories and dressing them up in a way I would love to dress when I get older. I played with my toys till i was around 14 maybe, and then gave them up to my then young cousins to play with when they visited, but unfortunatley they were all ruined.

When my little princess got old enough to hold a barbie doll, she started getting them, and other brands too. she had fulla, brats ,HSM dolls and some un identified dolls. she didn't know how to play yet, but I enjoyed the look of them in her room.

And now since she is nearly 8 , she is starting to really get into Barbie. she didn't really like playing with the other dolls that much.
So I joined in, and in times seem like I took over that project, and made it a mission to collect as many furniture and clothes as we can manage , it seems like they are not the fashion anymore, we can only find limited choices and those we find are very expensive.

I bought original barbie furniture, and ones made cheaply for similar dolls, and mixed and matched. Still planning on making whatever is missing.

The princess loved playing with them, and I join her sometimes. so far we are having the house in the bottom shelves of my living room expidit units. good place, good room-size and cheap rent lol

 she had a ken and toy story Barbie engagement party one day

Then arranged and designed the wedding herself..Mom and I had to sew her the wedding dress and the "Thobe" for ken since it was a saudi wedding ( not cuz it was easier to sew :P ) it was amazing mashallah, but he looked kinda funny lol ( those arm chairs were mine since I was young, I got them from my cousin)

We are still looking for more fun things to buy.. But for now, we are loving what we have.

So do you enjoy playing with Barbie dolls?

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