Sunday, July 03, 2011

pirate party .. Arrrghhh

I had a lot of fun preparing for this party, I honestly have lots of fun preparing for any themed party!

First of all the invitations.. printed mini treasure maps , stained and hand written the invites on the back, scrolled and tied with red embroidery floss, printed skull pirate , punched out and made as stickers , filled a bit of a small glass tube with sand (from the kiddos school art project!) the assembled.

The decorations.. store -bought skeleton pirate, the barrel was made using two plastic waste baskets, taped and painted. I put a white bed sheet on the window to hide as much as possible of the flowery curtains, and cut the black skull from a sheet of cardstock. made the banner using printed images from the net.

The little pirates costumes..they were asked to come wearing only dark pants and striped shirts, I provided the rest for them.. treasure chest, eye patch,scarf and hat, sword, telescope, vest and even a mini parrot.

the food.. we had broasted chicken and coleslaw, and lots of soft drinks and suspicious looking bottles :P ,and I decorated a strange looking cake !

the games.. We had fishing game, sinking ship game , throwing cannonballs on objects game(dunno what u call it) we walked the plank and fired some colorful bombs and gathered treasures , and danced on pirate music all day long

the goody bags....for big and little pirates

Magical day, I just wish I can share the grownup costumes, very creative mashallah ;)

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