Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gerge3an.. and my 300 post

It's that time of the year again, the mid of ramadan and gerge3an..
So last year we did the gathering of friends and their kids and each mom did a box or basket filled with treats to each kid, it was tiring, and took a lot of money and the kids ended up eating the sweets and throwing away all the decorations and some of the nuts..

So this year it was decided to change that and do it the original traditional way.. It's somehow like trick or treat, kids go around the houses and the neighborhood singing a certain song to get treats, usually its a mix of nuts and maybe some sweets and some money..

Each mom got the candies and sweets kids love and put them in containers in front of her, and the kids arranged in a line by age from youngest to eldest, passed by each one with a bag in his/her hands trying to sing the song and taking the sweets.

I t was a hit, even the moms were happy after the kids finished cuz we got to fight for the leftovers and act silly with the candies.

My girl and my friend's kids were dressed in the Indian outfits she got them from India, they looked adorable mashallah especially the smallest one..

And other kids were in traditional Saudi outfits, but even those who were dressed casually had a great time.

We had about 30 kids mashallah, and it was a bit crazy.. but after a while we had a mom/kid dancing games and went childish with the kids..

And still had a mommies only time that was quiet and filled with nice talks.
So next year inshallah we will go with the traditional style again, it was more fun.

And now for the subject of the 300 post.. well I didn't plan anything yet for that occasion.. I had a somehow busy week and I wasn't feeling well for some time, but I will probably have a draw for some kind of a cool prize.. or something lol.. maybe on my next post..

till then have a nice time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another bag

This time I was aiming for a more masculine bag, but I don't know why it doesn't seem to me that way lol

It didn't take me a month to do this one, although I got the material for some time sitting there waiting for me to have a new idea. My new idea was the appliqué I designed, cut and hand sewed to the flap of the bag using blue leather pieces .. Twice..!

Well it was a little wrong the first time so I did it all over again and then I ended up with two identical flaps.. I used only one, I might save the other for another project.

As usual I am not quite happy with my finishes, I think I need to practice more, but over all I think I am liking it, and I hope the bag recipient will too.

By the way, my next post is going to be my 300th post, I can't believe it, I had too much to share all those months, so I will think of a some way to celebrate this fact inshallah.. Stay tuned.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Once upon a time..

In a not so far away land, lived two little princesses..
One had dark hair, the other had light hair, both were very lovely and cute (mashallah)

They enjoyed looking like twins..

And go picking apples in their best dresses... (they were playing dress up when we dragged them to the supermarket, I mean the apple tree farm :P)

And there was this little fairy, who dragged a seat to the center of the land and tried to sit over it, just for a few seconds before almost falling.. cute fairy with a pacifier..

And they lived happily ever after..

The end.. Till they do another lovely thing that is ;)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Big bite, small bite

I just loved the difference between the kids burger and the medium sized one in fudruker's.. very funny..

Froggy bag

I finally finished my friend's daughter froggy bag, we bought the material together maybe a month back and I cut it two weeks ago , and just finished it today..
It's taking me too long to make a bag these days..!

Anyways it's my first messenger style bag, filled with steps and things to sew which I got the detailed tutorial from this blog ,but the end result is something that I liked very much.. mashallah I think I did an ok job here..

I even tried my hand with an inner zippered pocket, wasn't that hard and it made the bag look more professionally made..
Of course I did a few wrong thing and redid some parts, but in the end I think the kid will like it inshallah.
Now for the next bag...! hopefully not another month for that ..

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Something for Ramadan

My kid and I did some of those last year, and this year she reminded me of them, so I thought I could use some to help us remember the joy of this month..

So we did a few.. Of course these are mine..I put them downstairs in the family room.

hers are bigger and brighter, she took them immediately to her room. I think she felt happy crafting with me again, we should do that more often.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Ramadan Mubarak

May you have an accepted Ramadan.. kol 3am wintom bikhair.. :)