Monday, September 08, 2008

Once upon a time..

In a not so far away land, lived two little princesses..
One had dark hair, the other had light hair, both were very lovely and cute (mashallah)

They enjoyed looking like twins..

And go picking apples in their best dresses... (they were playing dress up when we dragged them to the supermarket, I mean the apple tree farm :P)

And there was this little fairy, who dragged a seat to the center of the land and tried to sit over it, just for a few seconds before almost falling.. cute fairy with a pacifier..

And they lived happily ever after..

The end.. Till they do another lovely thing that is ;)


moonface1211 said...

لزيز شكلهم ماشالله خاصة الصورة الأولى

Emad Al-Surihi said...

I like ur blog. u seem very creative person..
Allah bless u and ur daughter.