Friday, September 12, 2008

Another bag

This time I was aiming for a more masculine bag, but I don't know why it doesn't seem to me that way lol

It didn't take me a month to do this one, although I got the material for some time sitting there waiting for me to have a new idea. My new idea was the appliqué I designed, cut and hand sewed to the flap of the bag using blue leather pieces .. Twice..!

Well it was a little wrong the first time so I did it all over again and then I ended up with two identical flaps.. I used only one, I might save the other for another project.

As usual I am not quite happy with my finishes, I think I need to practice more, but over all I think I am liking it, and I hope the bag recipient will too.

By the way, my next post is going to be my 300th post, I can't believe it, I had too much to share all those months, so I will think of a some way to celebrate this fact inshallah.. Stay tuned.


moonface1211 said...

مرة حلوة ماشالله
وحلو الديزاين الي عملتيه تسلم ايديك انا اول شي حسبتك طبعتيها وقصيتها عليها
وتنظيفك للخياطة نضيف ما اشوف فيه شي
ومبروك على 300 بوست حستنى اشوف اش حتسوي احتفالا بيه

moonface1211 said...

عندي سؤالين
اش نوع القماش الي استخدمتيه؟
واش نوع المقوي؟العادي الي دايماً نستخدمه؟
علشان عجبني قوامها

Redrose said...

very nice bag tislam alayadee

Anonymous said...

mashAllah... fabulous!!!..
tislam yaddik :)