Thursday, September 04, 2008

Froggy bag

I finally finished my friend's daughter froggy bag, we bought the material together maybe a month back and I cut it two weeks ago , and just finished it today..
It's taking me too long to make a bag these days..!

Anyways it's my first messenger style bag, filled with steps and things to sew which I got the detailed tutorial from this blog ,but the end result is something that I liked very much.. mashallah I think I did an ok job here..

I even tried my hand with an inner zippered pocket, wasn't that hard and it made the bag look more professionally made..
Of course I did a few wrong thing and redid some parts, but in the end I think the kid will like it inshallah.
Now for the next bag...! hopefully not another month for that ..


Anonymous said...

thanks its very nice bag, amal realy like it and she want to use it for school there well be more demands

we love thanks rosy


malak said...

wow,lovely bag,
mashallah,perfect sew and the
pocket is beautiful
it's like laptop bag.
good work

Anonymous said...

very very nice, mashaAllah..
great work..