Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My mouse is a happy mouse

It has a new pretty looking mouse pad, that matches it's colors. And my computer desk looks prettier with the pink polka dot mouse pad with the blue green rick rack trim.
Did I mention before how much I love rick rack? this love started suddenly ( like my love for fabrics, buttons, ribbons and before that scrap booking supplies !) and I ended up collecting a few meters of each color I can get my hands on, now they are all sleeping peacefully in a box that was given to me as a gift wrap filled with nice smelling stuff. So now all my rick racks smells extra sweet.
Some times when I need inspiration I just leave out my rick racks, my embroidery threads, my buttons and some fabrics so all the colors make me want to create something for sure. I enjoy all colors, even if I have a favorite one ( guess which one, hehe )
So I hope everyone will have a nice weekend, I know inshallah I will :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My first baby shower

At least an official one, it was my childhood's friend baby shower that was hosted and organized by her group of friends whom I never met. I had the best time I had since I can't remember when! It was great, the ladies were so nice and fun to be with, the games we played were extra fun ( I won a lot of them and my daughter was more than happy to claim the gifts as hers )
The whole atmosphere was of love and good friendship and I felt lucky to be included in such good company.

After that mom picked us up and we went to McDonald's to get a happy meal and some extra playing time for the daughter. and when it was time to go home I was beat from all the excitement of the day ( I woke up at 8 to get ready and went out at 9, it's a bit early for me usually our invitations starts at least in the afternoon but mainly in the evenings ) a good excuse to have a good nap, not that I need one!

The picture above of the shower cake and one of the games we played were four people dressed the mom-to-be with rolls of toilet paper, she looks - as one of the ladies said - like a poorly wrapped gift. I t was good of her to stand all the time for the rolls to be unrolled.

Monday, February 26, 2007

What will the next room look like?

We changed homes 4 times in six years, and each home I would paint the walls and decorate it ( because that's what I love to do) then move.
This house will have my daughter third room. I worked hard on the first, harder on the second, now I just can't start with the third.
She already picked a colorful bed set , and I just made her curtains, now If I only can figure out the right way to make a connection between the two!
In her first room there were many colors including pink, the second had the pink in a larger area, now there will be no pink!.. I love pink and wanted all her room to have some, but she liked the idea of Hamtaro the hamster on her bed with all his friends, so what can I say?
Maybe it will have a some kind of jungle , farm feel to it to put all the animals on both the bed set and curtains together. Well all I need now is some action.

I just wanted to share with you some pictures of her two old rooms.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

What to say..?

Nothing, since I have nothing to say.. Then why blog you may ask? I don't really have an answer to that except that I love posting here.
Well the weekend went nice, nothing much done with my hurt ankle, on Wednesday we had the cousin's gathering, the kids were extra noisy but we had some good 15 minutes when we dressed the girls in princesses dresses and they decided to have a tea party with cookies ( real ones ) they looked so cute, before they decided they had enough of acting girly and started chasing the boys around the house.

On the Friday family gathering the noisiness continued, but they had some relaxing time gathered around the dining table reading books and discussing them quietly. Very nice seeing them together, reminds me of my cousins and me ( the parents ) when we were young, the best of times. Now our kids are hopefully having the best times.

I'm trying to start another bag ( same look different colors) this time reds and black. And I'm trying ( again and again and again) To take control of my life. and live in it. Wish me luck. I need it.

So that's it for now.
note: the picture above was taken some time ago for three of the four kids while watching cat in the hat one day at my cousin's house.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I love Ghost rider! and snoopy fabric!

The movie is great ( in my opinion at least) I just loved it soo much, we decided suddenly on Tuesday to go to Bahrain to watch the movie after my husband finishes work, and I was grateful we did, I really loved it ( did I say that already? ) I love the idea of the ghost riders and the bad guy looked nice too ( except when he changes his face! ) Well I think I love all the bikes and leather jackets stuff. and I loved the scene with the two riders near the end.

So enough of riders, last night my cousin gave me a gift, the best gifts I could ever want..Fabrics. And one of them I just loved, a blue one with many hearts filled with pictures of Snoopy, one of my favorite characters . I was so happy with the gift, I'm thinking of making a pajama bottom with it, if it's enough I'm no expert in sewing clothes.

Other news.. this morning I just hurt my ankle while leaving a restaurant where we were having breakfast, thankfully it's not as bad as all the times I hurt my ankle before ( and trust me I did that more than I would like to remember ) and I'm resting it tonight as much as I can, I don't know why do I suddenly feel the need to move a lot when I'm hurt and supposed to be resting. Anyway it's not that painful now 7amdillah.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Making life more pretty

That's what I'm trying to do by making my craft room ( which I spend most of my day in) more pretty and containing more of the things I love the most.. Girly things.
I love this lamp, I got it looong time ago from Ikea ( maybe 15 years ago ) and it transformed with me from house to house, changing looks with the change of the room's decor. But this look? I love the most. I always wanted to do something with flowers on it, and these flowers I recycled from our previous home where it was stuck on my window shades. I love recycling and using the same things in different ways since I enjoy changing our decor from time to time. I t is considered an economic way of redecorating.

By the way I still need to hand that bulletin board which is also from Ikea ( you think I love this shop or what? ) it was originally white with orange backgrounds , I changed that by painting and gluing colorful fabrics.

Yesterday I bought some lovely kid's fabric for my daughter's room to make a curtain. This room will be so different from her last room ( I blogged about it earlier ) the first one was pink and purple and so flowery, this time it will have blue , green, yellow, orange , red and apparently no pink. I love pink and I love it for little girls. but since she chose a bed set that has Hamtaro the hamster on them , it has all the colors in the world. anyway there is still time for me to make her a pink girlish room before she starts wanting her own style.I also need to paint something on her walls they seem so bare to me and I hate bare walls specially in a three years old kid.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Love is in the air..

And in the grocery store in potatoes..! May you have a year filled with love. Today is my dad's birthday, Happy birthday daddy.

Good news, I'm back at sewing more bags, my aim is to one day I would have enough bag to join a craft fair or make a mini catalog to sell them.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Word of the day

Create.. it's the best word to put on my craft room wall. I got these wood letters from my favorite scrapbook shop in Bahrain long time ago, and only now did I " create " a wall decoration with it. I painted them white then glued pieces of patterned paper from my very large collection. I like the look it makes over my computer area ( you can see part of my printer and under the fake flowers there is my scanner).
And I still want to paint the pots of the flowers. Next project.
So have a creative time..

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wish number two

Not that it's the number two on my wish list, but since you already knew one of my wishes ( the guitar owning ) I thought I'd share with you another one. I always wanted to ride a hot air balloon.. I have no Idea where this wish came from since we don't have any air balloons around here and the only I saw were on tv or in books. But it was a wish that I was determined to make come true ( if you know me you will know that every dream of mine is of the same importance to me )

So I traveled many places before I got married ( maybe later I will share some pictures from my trips ) and after I got married we only had a chance to visit Dubai twice (aside from Spain where we spent our honeymoon ) but during those two visits we had loads of fun and good times and enjoyed every little minutes we had there. On our first visit We made my dream come true.. We found a hot air balloon ride in the desert, and we went there. Boy it is really nice having your dream lived, and it was great sharing these moments with my dear husband ( whose dream is to help me do all 98 wishes on my wish list.)
There were also a very nice couple with us from England that I wish we kept in touch with. and after the ride we had a very nice picnic breakfast on the cool sands of the desert , of course we sat on chairs and ate on the table, but the sand was there.. We had the best time 7amdillah.

Above are some of the pictures we took there..

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back to the living ( almost)!

Well the operation went well 7amdillah, it was easier than I expected but it took me longer than I thought to recover, maybe because of the cold weather, or the strong antibiotic I'm having. O r maybe because my neck muscle was hurt during the operation I still find it hard to move well. Of course I still can't eat solids , and the tongue hurts even without eating, talking is hard too so I try not to talk much ( soo hard with a three year old!) I spent the first 4 days at mom's house so she can take care of me, and just last night I came back home, I missed my home, my computer and mostly I missed my small family together, even though I just love being with mom. I wish we can go back to those first few months when my daughter was born and mom staying with us in the house, it's so nice having all the people you love under the same roof. Well I can't complain at least we live in the same city near to each other.
So the pictures above are of the lovely roses my darling husband and dear mom gave me for after the operation. Of course when asked what I wanted as a gift my answer was " fabric"

Sunday, February 04, 2007

My daughter the artist

My three year old takes after me, she enjoys painting, cutting paper and sticking them on paper and even occasional sawing with the tips of my earrings! I guess she thinks if you can't beat them join them since I'm always doing something in my craft room ( which is now also a family room with sofas and TV for our all day sitting)
The picture above is of her first scrapbook page , it's 100% hers starting from cutting the pictures from a magazine to sticking them with glue and even journaling something I can't tell what it is. Looks like I will have a craft partner soon Inshallah, I'm happy since crafting is a big thing is all my family.
I liked the other picture too, since she also enjoys dancing, she put her Hamster toys in pairs like they were dancing, she watches a lot of fairytale cartoons I guess.

Well tomorrow will be the operation day, wish me luck, and hope to see you soon after recovering.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

What a weekend..!

First of all I would like to say thanks a million for your comments, it sure made me smile and made my day, you are soo sweet.

This weekend was so busy ( we start our weekend on a Thursday) on Wednesday night we were busy hanging pictures, coat hangers and shoe cabinets , lots and lots of drilling the walls between me and my husband, and the poor kid was running from room to room with her hands on her ears scared of the sound. The reason for all this excitement? We are having our first official dinner guests in this house. We always leave all the work for the very last minute, on Thursday we went to almost 6 different shops around the city looking for things to finish the house, while Mom helped with cleaning the house. We were determined to have a nice table setting and our first table cloth, we even bought a new set of plates which I had my eyes on for such a long time. To make a long story short we managed to greet my in laws at the door with everything in it's place.. And we had a great time.

On Friday we went to Bahrain to watch some movies, first it was the grudge 2, I have this thing for scary movies, I crave watching them even though I'm the most scared person in the whole world! I analize this thing sometimes that I need some excitement in my life and I get it by getting scared! weird I know ( hey this is good as one of the six weird things about me I see around blog world these day) , I didn't like it. next we watched Blood diamond and this movie we loved! I mean it was so hurting to see people killing each other but it was very good and the acting was great.
After that we had dinner at johnny bullets.. I mean rockets and let me tell you it just make me so happy just sitting in that place listening to old songs..

Well that was my weekend and now we are starting a new week where on Monday they will operate on my tongue to remove a very big appendix I have no idea how I got it. I would show you a picture but this is the rosy pink blog and not ER .They say it's not something major but still I can't help worrying. Anyway like Scarlet O'Hara used to say " I won't think about it now I'll think about it tomorrow"