Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My mouse is a happy mouse

It has a new pretty looking mouse pad, that matches it's colors. And my computer desk looks prettier with the pink polka dot mouse pad with the blue green rick rack trim.
Did I mention before how much I love rick rack? this love started suddenly ( like my love for fabrics, buttons, ribbons and before that scrap booking supplies !) and I ended up collecting a few meters of each color I can get my hands on, now they are all sleeping peacefully in a box that was given to me as a gift wrap filled with nice smelling stuff. So now all my rick racks smells extra sweet.
Some times when I need inspiration I just leave out my rick racks, my embroidery threads, my buttons and some fabrics so all the colors make me want to create something for sure. I enjoy all colors, even if I have a favorite one ( guess which one, hehe )
So I hope everyone will have a nice weekend, I know inshallah I will :)

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