Monday, February 26, 2007

What will the next room look like?

We changed homes 4 times in six years, and each home I would paint the walls and decorate it ( because that's what I love to do) then move.
This house will have my daughter third room. I worked hard on the first, harder on the second, now I just can't start with the third.
She already picked a colorful bed set , and I just made her curtains, now If I only can figure out the right way to make a connection between the two!
In her first room there were many colors including pink, the second had the pink in a larger area, now there will be no pink!.. I love pink and wanted all her room to have some, but she liked the idea of Hamtaro the hamster on her bed with all his friends, so what can I say?
Maybe it will have a some kind of jungle , farm feel to it to put all the animals on both the bed set and curtains together. Well all I need now is some action.

I just wanted to share with you some pictures of her two old rooms.

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