Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My first baby shower

At least an official one, it was my childhood's friend baby shower that was hosted and organized by her group of friends whom I never met. I had the best time I had since I can't remember when! It was great, the ladies were so nice and fun to be with, the games we played were extra fun ( I won a lot of them and my daughter was more than happy to claim the gifts as hers )
The whole atmosphere was of love and good friendship and I felt lucky to be included in such good company.

After that mom picked us up and we went to McDonald's to get a happy meal and some extra playing time for the daughter. and when it was time to go home I was beat from all the excitement of the day ( I woke up at 8 to get ready and went out at 9, it's a bit early for me usually our invitations starts at least in the afternoon but mainly in the evenings ) a good excuse to have a good nap, not that I need one!

The picture above of the shower cake and one of the games we played were four people dressed the mom-to-be with rolls of toilet paper, she looks - as one of the ladies said - like a poorly wrapped gift. I t was good of her to stand all the time for the rolls to be unrolled.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm sure you deserved each and every one of the prizes you won! And I've never seen anyone so eager and who finds so much excitement in a clothes pin! LOL.
It was great to have met you, and you need to come visit us with your friend more often. Just skimming through your site, you seem to be such an inspirational person, and a little bit of a saudi martha stewart! Take care hun!!!

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