Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back to the living ( almost)!

Well the operation went well 7amdillah, it was easier than I expected but it took me longer than I thought to recover, maybe because of the cold weather, or the strong antibiotic I'm having. O r maybe because my neck muscle was hurt during the operation I still find it hard to move well. Of course I still can't eat solids , and the tongue hurts even without eating, talking is hard too so I try not to talk much ( soo hard with a three year old!) I spent the first 4 days at mom's house so she can take care of me, and just last night I came back home, I missed my home, my computer and mostly I missed my small family together, even though I just love being with mom. I wish we can go back to those first few months when my daughter was born and mom staying with us in the house, it's so nice having all the people you love under the same roof. Well I can't complain at least we live in the same city near to each other.
So the pictures above are of the lovely roses my darling husband and dear mom gave me for after the operation. Of course when asked what I wanted as a gift my answer was " fabric"

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