Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wish number two

Not that it's the number two on my wish list, but since you already knew one of my wishes ( the guitar owning ) I thought I'd share with you another one. I always wanted to ride a hot air balloon.. I have no Idea where this wish came from since we don't have any air balloons around here and the only I saw were on tv or in books. But it was a wish that I was determined to make come true ( if you know me you will know that every dream of mine is of the same importance to me )

So I traveled many places before I got married ( maybe later I will share some pictures from my trips ) and after I got married we only had a chance to visit Dubai twice (aside from Spain where we spent our honeymoon ) but during those two visits we had loads of fun and good times and enjoyed every little minutes we had there. On our first visit We made my dream come true.. We found a hot air balloon ride in the desert, and we went there. Boy it is really nice having your dream lived, and it was great sharing these moments with my dear husband ( whose dream is to help me do all 98 wishes on my wish list.)
There were also a very nice couple with us from England that I wish we kept in touch with. and after the ride we had a very nice picnic breakfast on the cool sands of the desert , of course we sat on chairs and ate on the table, but the sand was there.. We had the best time 7amdillah.

Above are some of the pictures we took there..

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