Sunday, February 04, 2007

My daughter the artist

My three year old takes after me, she enjoys painting, cutting paper and sticking them on paper and even occasional sawing with the tips of my earrings! I guess she thinks if you can't beat them join them since I'm always doing something in my craft room ( which is now also a family room with sofas and TV for our all day sitting)
The picture above is of her first scrapbook page , it's 100% hers starting from cutting the pictures from a magazine to sticking them with glue and even journaling something I can't tell what it is. Looks like I will have a craft partner soon Inshallah, I'm happy since crafting is a big thing is all my family.
I liked the other picture too, since she also enjoys dancing, she put her Hamster toys in pairs like they were dancing, she watches a lot of fairytale cartoons I guess.

Well tomorrow will be the operation day, wish me luck, and hope to see you soon after recovering.

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