Thursday, February 22, 2007

I love Ghost rider! and snoopy fabric!

The movie is great ( in my opinion at least) I just loved it soo much, we decided suddenly on Tuesday to go to Bahrain to watch the movie after my husband finishes work, and I was grateful we did, I really loved it ( did I say that already? ) I love the idea of the ghost riders and the bad guy looked nice too ( except when he changes his face! ) Well I think I love all the bikes and leather jackets stuff. and I loved the scene with the two riders near the end.

So enough of riders, last night my cousin gave me a gift, the best gifts I could ever want..Fabrics. And one of them I just loved, a blue one with many hearts filled with pictures of Snoopy, one of my favorite characters . I was so happy with the gift, I'm thinking of making a pajama bottom with it, if it's enough I'm no expert in sewing clothes.

Other news.. this morning I just hurt my ankle while leaving a restaurant where we were having breakfast, thankfully it's not as bad as all the times I hurt my ankle before ( and trust me I did that more than I would like to remember ) and I'm resting it tonight as much as I can, I don't know why do I suddenly feel the need to move a lot when I'm hurt and supposed to be resting. Anyway it's not that painful now 7amdillah.

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