Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fluffy flower

I just did my first fluffy fabric flower following this tutorial It was easy and actually the only thing I could try out doing since I had a horrible cold since I wrote my last post! I had great plans for the weekend and I ended up mostly on my bed . Anyway 7amdillah I still had a nice weekend.
So back to the flower, it turned out bigger than I expected , I was planning to put it on the bag above but I think it looks so big on it. I tried the flower with two kinds of buttons and I think the orange one looks better, what do you think?
You should try making one it's really cute looking in real life, maybe next time I will start by cutting smaller squares.
Until next time , HAAAATCHOOOOOO , take care.
( I feel like my head will explode!)

1 comment:

malak said...

nice walla
but the seams what about it?
any way this awesome work