Thursday, March 29, 2007

A few changes here and there..

I'm known for getting bored fast. and since my husband doesn't enjoy coming to a home that has a chair in the place of a table, I never could re arrange furniture unless we spend some time studying the project. but late one night I was sitting on my sofa in the crafts room feeling bored and I thought to myself, " why do I have the furniture arranged this way?".. And since it's my room where I create in, I created a new arrangement, and just let me tell you how happy it made me.

First of all I switched places between the left and the right side, so everything was on this side went the other. And this sure left me a very needed wall space near the working and computer tables. I love hanging stuff like bulletin boards and shelves to put all my sewing things. And that's what I did.. Plus I made this thread rack which fell minutes after I took the picture, Yikes, it needs better gluing or maybe even some nails..

I also had my eyes on this little Barbie toy accessory and finally I got it, it feels so right with my room colors and the sewing theme and I just love it.

Well over all I feel happier in my room and that's what matters . 7amdillah. All I need now is to do more sewing or crafts in general, and finish organizing my dressing- turned -storage room.


wardoalwan said...

مبرووووووووك على مانيكانك الصغير حلو ماشالله وحلوة صور الأولاد الله يسعدهم ان شالله يكبروا ونفرح بيهم احب جمعاتنا تعجبني انشالله دوم يارب

Jane Doe said...

Love the lampshade!