Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My daughter is a chocoholic!

Not for real chocolate though she likes them a lot just like every female in her mom's family does, but she got this addiction to Charlie and the chocolate factory movie, the new one with Johnny Depp ! well ever since we got her the film she asks to see it every day sometimes more than once. Her other addiction? Barny of course. She doesn't seem to get tired of them mashallah. I did!!

Well to tell you the truth the chocolate factory is a bit addictive, with all the sweets in it, so yummy!

So Her other favorite thing is setting a picnic for us, with all her mismatched toys of plates, cups and pots and pans.. and she makes strange looking food, always with pineapple.. international taste..!

but isn't it strange that her favorite game involved food while the least favorite thing for her to do in real life is eating? I wish I can say the same thing about me! All I can think of is what to eat, of course I am still in my month of liquid diet and not eating, but this just makes me think more and more of food. I still have two weeks before it ends and I just hope after those two weeks I will continue dieting reasonably and never stopping until I reach my goal weight, which is whatever weight that goes with a look that I feel satisfied with. I want to live healthy and happy more than skinny.

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love.boxes said...

I love your daughter's little tea party that she set out.

Thanks so much for coming over to enter my contest and for your kind words.

I dream in pink too! It's my very, very favorite. :)