Saturday, March 10, 2007

How was your weekend?

Mine was good 7amdillah, the usual Wednesday and Friday gatherings, which I find it very nice to meet my family, but this time it felt a little strange with no food, not that I didn't have anything I had my soups and salads and fruits. Well not like real food but I'm still going on mashallah and it's not as hard as it was the first two days.
well on Thursday I decided that I needed to do some drilling and hang some of the many things in my room left unhanged, so that I did and I ended up with this little wall arrangement,

It still needs some changing, the hanging thingy needs to be painted white, the mini buckets needs some color and some pink flowers too. But I'm happy with the way it looks. This is the wall above my tv.

On Friday we went for the first time to that big hypermarket carrefour or something ( the spelling is not right I'm sure) and it was kind of nice, looks allot like the many hypermarkets here but I found these..

And I fell in love! there were many shapes of them, lambs, giraffes, an apple, a basket ball shaped one, soo cute.In case the picture isn't very clear these are small cute televisions, probably made for kids rooms or something but I need to have one, or two.! or maybe I can do something similar to my monitor with some fabrics and felt?? This is an idea that needs some attention.

Oh and I'm still working on my rippled blanket, maybe some day soon I'll post a picture of it. It's still not nearly done but I'm still enjoying working on it.

And I want to thank all my sweet family members who visited my blog and commented, nice of you, nigamilkom fil afra7 !

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