Monday, March 05, 2007

I made this chart today to mark my 30 days of liquid diet ( plus all the veggies and fruits I want to have )
After months of every person in my family tried to make me start dieting it finally got through to me, I never let myself go for so long, unless I was depressed or something, and I keep trying and trying even if I failed one or million times I keep trying again. And this time is no difference, I just started something because I got fed up with the way I'm living my life, now is the time for me to try something again, so this is it, I really need you to wish me luck because I need great strength to start and stick to a plan, the one month is only a start, a kind of disciplinary thing to myself , just to show who's the boss ( hopefully the strong sensible me will be the boss ).
Anyway, this post is about dieting but of course the chart itself is a crafty thing since I used one of my recent purchases of patterned paper, a lovely one with girly stuff such as bags, shoes ans dresses all over, to remind me of all the lovely things in life I'm missing with over eating. Things I love and enjoy like shopping and dressing up. I want to have my life back, and inshallah this time I will.
I'm hanging the chart right next to my computer desk since it's the one place I spend most my day in. Again, please please please wish me luck. Thanx.

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Anonymous said...

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