Wednesday, March 07, 2007


first it's the third day, second day went better than first, I went to mom and we had soup and salad at Steak house. then I went shopping and got me a new box-bag for my rik raks.

It was a mess in there , most of my rik raks were bought by the meter and they ended up all over each other tangled and hard to get when in a hurry

So I cut up some cardboard and put every color on it's own.
And half an hour later I have an organized rik rak place..

They look yummy and I feel like I wanna get more colors ( yes I know I'm a hopeless case I need therapy! ) and of course I wanna do something new with them. Maybe in my attempt to do something new every day so I can get my mind off you know what, I will do a new project featuring more of the rik raks I have, so if I finished some I can get more.. LOL

Oh my god I just figured out how to put my pictures inside the text, WOW after 8 months.!!

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