Saturday, March 24, 2007

Help! I don't want to sleep..

I am a mess..! it's 3 3o after midnight and I don't want to sleep.. My eyes are refusing to stay open and I still don't want to sleep..!
I am very bored and depressed, I don't even know why.. I thought maybe because of the diet, or maybe because I spent all day yesterday watching old home videos of a 16 years younger me.. carefree.. child free.. responsibility free.. ( I won't say husband free because I was depressed back then for not having one!).. Or maybe not..!
Well who knows about these moods, one minute I'm all happy with rosy dreams, the next I'm turning into mister Hyde..! I need therapy, in the form of a flying ticket to any place with a lot of greenery, nice looking homes, new shopping malls or small shops, a hotel and some room service, public transportation and a baby sitter..! I'm a bad mom, sue me !
Well I better find me another thing to do to make my mood better soon or else I will turn this blog from rosy to thorny, and that I don't want to do..
See you again when I'm back to being my cheerful self (goodbye for ever! .. naah just kidding)

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