Monday, March 12, 2007

It's all about pink

A week of my diet has gone 7amdillah, I don't want to think of the many many many more weeks I still have until I reach my goal because I want to take it a day at a time. Well the last two days were hard, I was in the house all the time with nothing much to occupy my time since I find myself in a craft block, I can't do anything new or old, I have a bag that is cut and waiting to be assembled since last week.! Well I'm sure it's only temporary and I will go back to being my crafty self in no time inshallah.

Anyways since I don't seem to have much to talk about I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite things in the house right now..

I saw this on one of the blogs I visit a lot a few months ago (now I don't remember which one) and I just fell in love. It's from a British company called the pink toolbox and they have a site with the same name. And since my sister lives there, when she asked me what I wanted for Eid's gift guess what I asked for? I was very happy and excited when I received my gift, I wasn't sure she got it for me or not, and when I opened the box I jumped up and down screaming like a kid, I really like to have all my things in pink..

And since I do a lot of small DIY things around the house it's nice to have my own tool box and in pink to use.

Well I have to try and get more pink things like I don't have enough. I keep remembering the cartoon pink panther when he wanted everything pink and the guy in the cartoon wanted it blue, well that's me, if it's not pink, paint it!

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